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March 29, 2020 - 4:54 pm

quarrantine update

ok I'm a little behind, but that's because I don't get very much computer time anymore. This week the girls were supposed to be back at school but since schools are closed until at least april 13th, they will be home a lot longer. So there was digital/remote learning. 120+ page packets that needed to be read, filled in and submitted. Jade also has a writing assignment to work in plus live meetings with her class daily and then specials. Things keep changing and it's driving me crazy. Teachers sending emails, texts, newsletters and google classroom. Just pick ONE form of communication and be consistent! Also less than 1 hour notice for live class sessions is not helpful either.
It's stressing me out and I am not even working! I can't imagine how other parents are doing it. The only time we really went out this week was to get free lunch every day. We tried chandler on Wednesday and it sucked! Mesa's lunches have been awesome. At least it helps feed the kids because all they want to do is eat when they are home. I did go out Friday with jay to the bank to pay bills. He's been out every day here and there. It makes me nervous.
Found out on Friday that we won the $500 program credit raffle! That was pretty exciting.
Drained, acid washed the pool, stains still didn't come out. Refilled it.
Been working on the roof

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