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March 31, 2020 - 8:40 am

continued quarantine

I didn't get to finish the other day. Like I said, I don't really get computer time. I have about 20 minutes before Jade has to get busy with her lesson.
The governor announced yesterday that schools are closed for the rest of the year and no standardized testing.
Our 2nd week of spring break was boring. Weeds, pool, reading. On the 18th, we finished our stash. Jay was frustrated because he was getting contamination in his powder coating. Turns out one of the valves on his compressor went bad. They sent him a new valve, filter and oil.
Had an ortho appointment. I couldn't go in the building. Had to wait in the car.
First year in forever that we didn't get to celebrate the first day of spring with Rita's (postponed). Ostrich festival was also postponed. Tax returns are even postponed, census data, the olympics, travel ID's, Girl Scout high awards.
I had virtual Girl Scout meetings on the 22nd. The woman Shelly did the Zumba dancer badge and then for the cadettes, we worked on netiqutte. The girls have also been doing some independent work on badges here and there too, but it's so hard to motivate them.
Started working on house projects again (cheap ones) like I scrubbed the pantry and went through the fridges yesterday. I'm going to do the china cabinet and the kitchen cabinets this week too as well as clean the windows outside.
Found out on Friday that our troop won one of the $500 program credit prizes!
Jay's up on the roof today. Getting it prepped was a LOT of work. Hopefully we did it right so that this coating will stick for many years. I'm looking forward to not having to sweep up roof pieces for a while.
April is going to be really hard with the girls home. We are already on week 4....
Summer camp is still on as of now, but cookie rewards were postponed.
Coronavirus Cases: 819,025
Recovered: 173,209
Deaths: 39,794
USA is leading of course because we have to be #1 at everything :eyeroll:
10 deaths per every one million. Better chance of dying from this virus than winning the lottery at this point.
It's such a time of uncertainty. Who knows how long this will last?

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