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April 27, 2020 - 12:51 pm

and April is almost over...

It's been a while. Still under quarantine.
Last week on Tuesday or Wednesday, I was chatting with Beth & she said that she took a Pound class and enjoyed it and that I should do my class virtually. Now my tailbone is still sore and I feed off the energy in the room so I didn't want to try this, but when she said that being at home made her feel more comfortable to try Pound and then not feel self-conscious and really enjoy the class, it hit me. YES there are positives to this virtual world, not just negatives. Maybe I can get more people to try it because they don't have to be scared of being off beat or messing up and they can just move and have fun.
So she let me use her zoom login to do the full hour class since the free version only allows 40 minutes and I spent much of my week practicing and putting together a setlist that I could actually do (since sitting still hurts and some lunging too). I tried a bunch of songs until I found ones that fit, used my knowledge from Amplify and put together an awesome class.
Yesterday, I had 16 people in class! Beth paid me $5 and one of her people did too. So I decided today to upgrade to a full zoom account ($12.50 for the month) and use it with GS too. If I make back the $12.50, I'll put it in the troop account and keep the rest for me.
I'm gonna stick with Sunday class. Maybe add another. Not sure. Was also tossing around the idea of doing Gen Pound for the kids. Not sure how that will go though because it's been a while since I touched that stuff and I'm sure kids don't want ANOTHER online meeting/class. I know my kids don't! I can't get them to do any GS stuff, which frustrates the bejesus out of me.

School-wise, we are on week 6... 4 weeks left of school for the year. They've been keeping on top of their stuff, which is awesome. I help when asked.

Took my AFAA exam last week. Saturday I also did a 6 hour training for Plyoga. Submitted my test and practical last night. Hopefully will be certified this week. I like the format. It's very different, but it's a lot of fun. Also signed up for a TRX certification (for free) and caved and purchased a TRX system. Started cleaning on Thursday because I knew if I did it on friday, I wouldn't get it done and then I had training saturday.... well I didn't finish until Sunday. But I wasn't feeling super great all week either.

Last week's meeting was fun. We worked on the inventor badge with the brownies and then with the big girls (just lauren and joz) we did toilet paper crafts and a scavenger hunt. I need to plan something for the next meeting.

Last week I was organizing my pound tracks into archived, active, etc.. and downloading all the sheet choreo and sorting by position. Then the one day (and I'm guessing why this happened) I plugged my phone into jay's computer to charge. The following day ALL my music was gone from my phone! So I spent all of last saturday reformatting my phone, adding it back in and redoing it all again. I was so annoyed! Taught the girls rummy 500. C got into it. J, not so much.

I guess that's about it. Yesterday we went swimming as a family and then out to the dollar tree! I'm pretty sure it's the first time we've all gone out together since Judy was here.

Coronavirus Cases: 3,054,974 (over 1 million new since my last entry)
ACTIVE CASES: 1,926,521 (600k more)
Recovered: 917,432
Deaths: 211,021 (80k more)

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