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April 14, 2020 - 5:12 pm

33% of Q4 completed

quick update since it's getting late. I got sucked into a GS hole trying to plan troop meetings... 3 hours later! There's so much information that it's overwhelming. I wish the girls were motivated more. They could probably earn every single badge if they wanted. J finished one today and started another.

Finished my AFAA course, but need 30 minutes to take the exam. Maybe tomorrow. Registered to become certified in plyoga. It was only $20!
Last week, I did the inside of the kitchen cabinets and did more of the grout in the kitchen. Not done yet.
We just finished week 3 of the quarter, less than 6 until summer break.
Thursday I baked sugar cookies and we decorated them.
Friday the girls were "off" because of the holiday so they literally sat in front of the TV the entire day. C finished watching ALL of the pixar movies in order. Saturday too. Friday night we watched the new Trolls movie. J & I had a late night. I think we went to bed at 2:30. Got to go in the hot tub! Oh it was soooo nice. I missed it! I went in Sunday and last night too. Went for a walk around the neighborhood. Watched half of office space.
Saturday I did nothing all day. Certainly didn't feel like cooking ham. We got chinese from a different place because our regular place is closed right now. It wasn't bad.
Sunday was easter. J came in crying that the EB didn't come but she didn't look hard enough. Then she said it was the worst easter ever. Their baskets were overflowing, but she also just won 5lbs of candy! We dyed eggs, had 4 egg hunts, played some games, drew with chalk, watched Christopher Robin (which I really liked), hot dogs on the grill outside for lunch, and our traditional dinner. It was a typical holiday for us. Didn't feel any different because we are always alone on holidays anyway.
Yesterday I cleaned and today I finished. I was just so tired yesterday. Even went to bed around 9 and still can't get up early anymore.
Went to a different mesa school yesterday for lunch, only got 1 day's of food, and no choices. Guess we will stick with chandler MWF.
The girls have kinda hit their wall this week. They are bored. They miss their friends. They want to get out of the house. J mentioned going up to Page. That would be nice. I still want to go. He was getting caught up on work (which of course had me worried) and then got a bunch more today.
Waiting on our taxes too. Definitely getting money back but they weren't done correctly so hopefully it is more.
Been trying to keep in touch with people- a text here or there checking in, even with people I don't talk to very often. No one ever bothers to check in on me though. Except Lexie. She texted me the other day. I get that I don't have many friends, like good friends who get me, but sometimes it does feel really lonely. I get that I am not approachable so many people can't be bothered to get to know me, but the ones who do, will get a loyal friend to the end.

Coronavirus Cases: 1,997,358
ACTIVE CASES: 1,392,467
Recovered: 478,326
Deaths: 126,565

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