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April 08, 2020 - 9:46 am

Halfway through week 3 of remote learning

Still under home orders... Still don't get much computer time. I started my AFAA course last week and I'm halfway through. I'm supposed to be working on chapter 3 right now, but I'm distracted.
This weekend, I spent like 8 hours playing with the rocks in the front courtyard. I moved them all to get out the roof pieces and weeds and then relaid them down so they are more even. Bryan came over and we got the hot tub setup in the new location. Yesterday I fixed the bathroom door so it latches now! I also cleaned out the china cabinet, made pierogi, had a girl scout meeting, cleaned the outside of thew windows. I have not started cleaning the kitchen cabinets yet. I'm going to work on that today. I also organized 7 years of girl scout files on the computer, got the finances together for the business and the troop and updated my volunteer hours/mileage.
I did read/finish one book that I didn't really like. The main character was such a jerk!
Summer camp was cancelled :(
Jade won the sweetie's coloring contest! We picked up her prize basket on Monday. Schools have been messing with the lunch program. Monday was the last day at summit so we went to a kyrene school. I guess we will go to Chandler today. Starting next week, mesa is switching to MWF schedule, same as Chandler, but supposedly it's 2 days of food.

Coronavirus Cases: 1,478,288
ACTIVE CASES: 1,074,749
Recovered: 316,795
Deaths: 86,744

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