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March 16, 2020 - 1:06 pm


So much has happened since last entry.
Friday was student led conferences (such a joke/waste of time) plus the book fair and then Jade's well visit. Saturday I got a last minute opportunity to teach Pound at the Phx Zoo for their Move and Groove 5k & fitness festival. It was a lot of fun- no pay involved but appreciated the experience. Then I picked up Judy from the airport and then it was off to the birthday party. Everyone showed up who said they were going to! Laser tag was first, followed by mini golf (they only did 5 or 6 holes though) then it was time to eat pizza, then presents and then cupcakes. Then the kids got a game card and we finished up in the arcade. Got home almost 5.
Sunday we did shopping- tempe marketplace and chandler mall. BJ's for lunch. Troop meeting/field trip. The brownies (3 of them) went to Natural Grocers, and I actually had 5 Cadettes show up and we did the Global Action Award that focused on Gender stereotypes. It was a good meeting.
Monday we went to the movies and saw Onward, which was really good. Cane's take out for dinner.
Tuesday we went to Crayola Experience. It was SOOOO crowded that it wasn't enjoyable. i cooked dinner for once.
Wednesday we didn't end up doing anything. It was raining. Went and did food shopping and started meal prepping. Fuddruckers for dinner
Thursday we went to the MIM and Little Miss BBQ for lunch before she left for the airport at 8pm.
Friday was cleaning day. Got everything but the kitchen done, which I did saturday morning. I was just too tired.
Friday is when things went insane. Coronavirus- COVID-19. A pandemic. People hoarding TP and hand sanitizer. Buying all the food. It's crazy. Wednesday the store was mostly stocked. We went out Friday for a few things and there was NOTHING. Lines were 30 people long. We walked out of the grocery store. Went to another, not as bad, but too expensive. Went to a 3rd and finally got most of what we needed.
Yesterday (Sunday) the governor extended spring break to 3 weeks here, possibly longer. Any gatherings of 50+ more people are banned. They want people to stay home, practice social distancing, anything to stop the spread of the virus. There have been 18 cases in AZ. There are 7.1 MILLION people in AZ as of 2018.
Worldwide as I write this
Active cases 96,083
Recovered cases 78,288
Fatal cases 7,114
Am I worried about myself or my immediate family dying? Definitely not. Am I certain that I will know someone that contracts it? Absolutely! Am I worried about the economy and the impact of all of this? 100%. We have enough squirrel funds to last, but not everyone is as lucky. This is one for the history books, for certain.
Class was empty again today- two weeks in a row. There were 4 people in the gym.
There's just a lot of uncertainty right now and nobody likes that feeling. I'm used to it but I'm definitely over it. Went through emails today and saved a few jobs I'll apply to this week.

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