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May 02, 2020 - 9:52 am

made it to May- less than a week of my 30's

Since the weekdays are kinda crazy and I don't get much computer time, figured I'd do some updating now.
Just finished week 6 of school. 3 more to go.
We've entered May. Less than one week left of my 30's!
Took a bunch of classes this week- Toning, Plyoga, Strong, Master class with an icon, plus a few more Pound classes.
TRX came yesterday and training is scheduled for Tue/Wed this week.
It's hard keeping up on social media for business! Trying to promote my class, plus we are doing an AZ class with 8 different pros on Thursday. Plus trying to learn new songs for tomorrow.
Been trying to enjoy my hot tub in the evenings. My muscles appreciate it. Jason had his baby girl yesterday.
Prepping for troop meeting tomorrow.
That was about my week. I've been waking up earlier, not sure why. Still not sleeping great. I gotta get some more practice in today and need to get these girls off the couch

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