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January 26, 2020 - 6:18 am

getting old is awful

I'm getting really frustrated with myself. I've had this cold/pneumonia or whatever it is since last year. Then Wednesday night, I went to sit on the couch and I hurt my hip- either a tendon or a ligament that controls rotation. Thursday I couldn't walk. Friday I was a little better. Saturday, I felt pretty good but then something upset my stomach and I spent half the night in the bathroom. Went to bed at 9, but didn't fall asleep right away. Up at midnight and didn't really sleep much between 12 and 3. And then I've been up since. My ear hurts, I feel like I have a fever. I just can't catch a break when it comes to my health. I just want one day when I don't feel like garbage!
Cookie sales started Monday so it's been a bit crazy here. I had the girls at grindtime in the morning (and I had class), then J and I went door to door selling. Tuesday it was kind of rainy so we skipped one day. Back out Wednesday and Thursday (event hough I could hardly walk). Friday we had a Fry's booth- 287 boxes in 3 hours. Yesterday, I had to make my first trip to pick up cookies before my 10-2 booth. Then bank run and cooking dinner... that's about when my stomach started to hurt. We watched Playing with Fire (from what I saw, it was funny but I probably missed half the movie).
Monday was also the 12 year anniversary of my mom.. Sunday was 20 years since the fire.
Last Saturday was cookie pickup day but we were home by 9:30. I had parents come at 1, and then those that couldn't make it came on Sunday.
Class last week was good. I had 2 in class, but not the lady who said she'd be back.
J & I went to Culver's for lunch on Friday. We hardly ever see each other during the day. I spent the morning taking a nap. I needed it.
I also stopped by ZT this week and sold 3 boxes of cookies to Missie. It was a little weird for sure.
We hit the 600 mark combined as we ended day 6.
Today was crazy. Cookies first thing in the morning, split out orders for girls, and J who was going to a car meet, drop off 3 girls in Tempe for a Cookie Sales Pitch event. Go to booth with J, have parent pick up J from booth while I stayed there, have another parent bring C back home from event. Home, reconcile inventory and then thankfully, another parent brought J home from birthday party.
Today I have to get more cookies from phx, then have parents come pick up everything for a booth, take J to another birthday party in PEORIA (ugh so far), and then somehow get back in time for a troop meeting. I am really thinking of cancelling today's meeting. I feel like garbage still. I have nothing planned for the older girls. I bet I can pull something together in an hour, but....
if I've been up since 3am, by 4:30 pm I'm going to want to take a nap.

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