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February 25, 2020 - 9:04 am

the end is near!

so two weeks in a row with no one in class. I was pretty bummed but there were only a handful of people in the entire gym anyway. Cookies week 5 was just as crazy. Our booth last week was awesome. We got bought out by As You Wish! We had sold 11 boxes in the first hour, about what I was expecting. Then just before 5, they came with balloons and a giant check and bought everything we had- 66 boxes! I did forget I had one case in the car though! The girls were so excited- me too. We were home by 5:40. Thursday was the only day I didn't have a booth, but we had to make an emergency visit to the orthodontist... all good. Friday I got a better booth at a Fry's instead of Bashas' and we rocked that one too. Saturday I got a dropped walmart and put back the goodwill and J came along with me because he wanted to spend time with me. By Saturday, we reached the 1500 but I still had Sunday's Bass Pro scheduled so we did that one and sold out with about 5 minutes before the end! I've picked up 40 cases since Wednesday! They started a contest, for every 5 cases picked up you get entered to win $500 in program credits. So I have 8 entries so far with 3 booths left to go. 1756 is the number right now for the girls. 1800 gets them to the next prize level and 2100 gets them two camp credits. I just need to somehow talk them into another booth (or two).
Reached out to another school- going to go to an open house tomorrow. Got the accountant scheduled since I finally got all my tax forms. Slowly checking off the to-do list..
Saturday was open door, but it was rainy so we went to Sam's club and then just hung out most of the day, played some games that night. Sunday was our troop meeting field trip to As You Wish. Got all the brownies there and then 3 cadettes just came to paint.
Yesterday I went to the Cholla leader/st meeting. Depending on who goes where, I think there's going to be a lot of head butting next year. I was going to check out East Kyrene as well. I don't want to deal with all the drama that happened this year all over again!

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