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January 14, 2020 - 1:40 pm

it's great to be back

Friday I took the girls to cookie rally after I got the fall rewards sorted. I voluntold C. She had fun, although was hesitant in the beginning. All the Brownies had a good time. It was done pretty well. Although I heard another SU's rally was free and this one was $5 so that's interesting... girls didn't even get a patch for attending.
Saturday it was cold in the morning so we skipped the barre class, but we did go to crayola again, as promised. And we walked around the mall a bit, five below, costco for samples lunch. By the time we got home it was 2-2:30. Ended up getting chinese food for dinner. Did some practicing.
Sunday prepped for the meeting a good portion of the day, did a little bit of practicing. Wasn't a very exciting day at all.
Only 3 girls showed up out of 6. I knew 1 wasn't coming, one fell and got hurt and the other didn't even bother to let me know. I had a 12th grader come talk to the girls about how awesome it is to stick with it and the amazing opportunities you can have. Valerie just sat there not paying attention at all, but the other two... I think some things got through to them. I hope. Because I can't take any more meetings of them just staring at me with blank faces.
The brownies were a nightmare in the other room, but I wasn't running the meeting so I don't care. Although I'm annoyed that they didn't vote on what they wanted to do with their reward money.
J made dinner at least and then I was trying to get myself organized. I started messing with the booth. Forgot to practice. Freaked out, couldn't fall asleep. Woke up at like 5am.
Dropped the girls at school, went to class. It was just one new person, but she really enjoyed it and that made me feel so good. Even being sick and not being able to work as hard... Then yesterday I did some chores- like sewed a sweatshirt, and ironed on badges and started fixing the tv shows on the media center and fed all the animals and picked up work and went to the library.
Today I had to drop off work, library books, pick up copies, get them laminated. I got all my parent cookie info together and ready for Saturday. I started working on assembling the new booth signs. I also started putting all my patches on my tote bag (it's been a while) and now it's almost time to leave.
I grabbed C's vest and noticed that 4 out of 6 of her fall product patches fell off! I was like "well she just wore it to Sunday's meeting... have to be in the house somewhere" Until I realized that she had it at rally too! So I emailed the woman in charge but nothing was turned in. I am so mad. I have 2 extras, but the other two I don't have. I have never lost a badge entirely in almost 8 years and now 4 in one day!? I'll have to see if I can get replacements and I'll keep looking. I checked the car. I also have laundry in so maybe there's a chance she noticed and put in her pocket or something?

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