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February 11, 2020 - 9:34 am

halfway there...

It hasn't slowed down. Did 15 more hours of booths since I last updated. Was able to snag a last minute booth yesterday and then I spent my afternoon chasing cookies. No booths today or tomorrow though (as of right now, but you never know what can pop up). My two are at about 1270. If they can make it to 1500, they can both get the converse AND we can get $125 for camp. I think it's doable. 2100 and then both get the camp credit. That might be hard. I've been helping holly- got her a dropped booth on Saturday and she took C with her, and I've got Lauren 46 away from her converse that she wants so bad. I got a webinar setup for Silver award training for the girls. Still working on getting those cookies credited.
I went off on the school Friday. For 2 days, because it was cold (not below freezing) in the morning, they had "rainy day schedule" where there is no morning outside time. So therefore, they cancel Breakfast?!!??! What? Because the kids are inside, they can't serve breakfast to students? How does that make any sense?! Thursday we got an email stating that the JH kids can't use the kinder bathroom. Understandable, but no direction as to which bathroom they CAN use if they are in that part of the building? Can they not go to the bathroom if they have a class downstairs?! So I emailed both the Principal and Vice Principal Friday morning and did not get one response from either of them.
I've been thinking of transferring them but I'd have to do a boundary exception for J and I'm worried about a different curriculum. So I setup a meeting for this Friday with that principal. Needless to say, they called me FRIDAY AFTERNOON to setup a meeting- SAME DAY. How's that for a response time? Speaks volumes to me! C seems ok with leaving the school, which I'm surprised. Not sure about J. She has a lot of friends there but at the same time, I feel like their parents are better at getting the kids together outside of school, where any of the friends C had, never did. I'm working on a list of specific questions so I can make an informed decision. I rushed into that 2nd school too quickly and it was a trainwreck. I thought this one was the one and that J wouldn't have had to bounce around like C did, but with a laundry list of concerns and not a call or email back... sorry but clearly your staff does not care.

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