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February 19, 2020 - 12:54 pm

12 more days

I'm up to 41 hours of cookie booths this year. 12 more days of cookie sales.
It's been mostly cookies around here. Getting cookies, counting cookies, reconciling cookies, balancing money, making deposits.
Wednesday we did go out to breakfast at First Watch and then dropped off Jason's cookies.
Thursday we had 4-8 walmart booths. There was also this company doing a cookie donation so I drove the girls over there, they picked a number between 1-25 (they both got 1) such a waste of time.
Then we booked it to the booth, got there 15 minutes late, but J had one door all setup with my two brownies so he got the second one setup and put my two girls to work. Then they all left at 6. Before 7, we were out of everything but 2 kinds of cookies! My amazing wonderful husband drove to tempe, got cookies and then delivered them to my booth before 7:15! We did awesome for being week 4. I had 2 cadettes, one on each door. Ken stopped by and got his cookies too.
I managed to take the entire weekend off. Friday was V day. No one felt like doing a booth so I dropped it. I had J's class party in the morning, which was a nightmare. Her parties have been garbage this year. Half the items people signed up for, no one brought in. Really crappy. The meeting with the principal at the school was eh... My biggest concern was curriculum and I got brushed off, "oh shouldn't be a problem". And they'd only take J if I enroll C because they are at capacity and aren't doing open enrollment. So the search continues.
For our romantic V day, J got tomato soup from cornish pasty and made grilled cheese sandwiches. My suggestion.
Saturday, I took the girls to an event put on by one of the sororities at ASU... Well they went with Holly and her mom, but I met them there and took them home. I had to wait for Vicky to come and get the booth stuff and she covered the booth for me. Then we went to try one of the desserts from the dessert challenge at Great Wolf Lodge- AWFUL and then we went to dinner at Chompies and watched Frozen 2 (also not good- the movie made 0 sense to me). Sunday we dropped C off at Lauren's for a sleepover. I read an entire book. It was good. I sat in the yard for a while and got a little sun. Then we played games with J. Monday I had class. No one was there :( Been a long time since that's happened to me for one of my classes. I blame the holiday. Donna dropped off C around 11 and then, realizing I had a booth, I ran and got some cookies and then got almost 3 rooms cleaned. I was going to clean Tuesday, but figured I'd get a little bit of a head start. Then we did Sportsman's Warehouse and sold 71 boxes! I was super surprised. Got home about 6:30, cooked dinner, and we played some games. Tuesday I spent most of the day cleaning, but since I didn't start until 9, I only managed to get 2 bedrooms, the dining room, kitchen and living room done. J even went to get the girls from school and I didn't even mop before they got back. Then I packed up the car and took C to a cookie booth. The first 55 minutes we didn't sell anything. We sold 11 boxes an hour and a half in, so we packed it up and left. One of the neighbors who we sold to, texted me for more and she got to the house around the same time we did and bought 15 boxes. Then we played some games before bed.

I am still working on cleaning the house. I did stuff like pay bills, organized papers, finally got the rest of my tax forms so we can meet with the accountant. I have 2 things in the playroom to clean. I'll get it done. Then I have a booth 4-6 today again.
I've gotten my email down to 6- that's pretty good.
I'm missing my mom today. I'm frustrated with myself and being indecisive.

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