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December 01, 2019 - 8:46 am

one month left

Last week kinda got away from me. Stupid holidays and days off from school throwing off my schedule.
Tuesday was Jay's birthday. We got Cornish Pasty to go. I had gone food shopping and wrapped up 3 energy drinks for him and I went and picked him up a slice of Banana cream cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. I made him a cake too so the cheesecake was a surprise.
Wednesday Vicky texted me that Kiana had lice! So after school, I checked the girls and we went to walmart to buy lice shampoo and started cleaning and washing everything. Found 1 live one on Jade and a bunch of eggs on cadence. I had eggs too. Thursday was more washing stuffed animals, etc and alerting everyone. Daily combings have been going on since.
Thursday my truck delivered for fall product so it was hours of breaking down orders and 4 days of people picking up their items.
Last Saturday I took 4 cadettes to parsons in the morning and dropped them off for a journey overnight. Spent most of the day boiling water to put into the hot tub to warm it up and playing with the updated media center program to get it looking like what we were used to.
Saturday night was nice. A late birthday celebration for Jay. Got burger king for dinner. We went to bed around 3. Went for a backwards walk and a quick walk around the block. Went in the HOT hot tub. Sat by the fire. Watched a movie. The usual.
Got out of bed by 11 and then went to pick up the girls. They were out of my house before 1. I ended up laying down for about 30 minutes or so until the doorbell rang and it was more nut pickups!
Found out Sophia had lice (we think she's the one that started it but whatever..) Isabel also had it. So 4 brownies, myself and Cadence.
I don't think much happened Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. Got annoyed at Cadence for not taking school seriously.
Thursday, Thanksgiving, my plan was to go to Page AZ and see horseshoe bend. Get out of the house and have an adventure because cooking for 4 people when only 2 people eat turkey sucks. Stalked the weather and it looked like it would be nice in Page so took a chance and left. Didn't check how the weather would be on our route up.. Made it to Flagstaff by 8:30 to stop, charge and have breakfast and decided to turn around and go home. Flagstaff was expecting 2 FEET of snow, there were snow plows on the side of the road standing by. Weather in Page still looked beautiful but by the time we would have had to go back through Flag, it would have been bad. We got home before 12 so it was 5 hours for breakfast at ihop.
At 4 we decided to try to find somewhere to eat dinner. We thought Chili's was open, but it wasn't. No place near the mall was. Chompies closed at 4. Ended up going to Joe's Crab Shack, which was good. Dropped the girls off and then went out to do some shopping. We went to Kohls and met some fun people in line. Then we went to five below, bed bath and beyond and target. I think it was about 9:30 when we got home. Then up at 4:30 am to go to Home Depot. Jay thought they opened at 5... it was 6. So we stood in line outside in the rain for an hour. But we got a great deal on a fake christmas tree- $79 with 8 different light modes. It's nice; just not the same. I did enjoy how quick it was to put up and not have to put lights on it, or vacuum all the needles up. After HD, we went to JCP and then Lakeshore Learning. They opened at 8 so we stopped at Fry's on the way home and picked up donuts for the girls and their weekend specials. (burritos for us).
Then it was clean and decorate. Normally I clean first 100% and then decorate. I kinda did both at the same time. By 10pm Friday night I was exhausted. I didn't have the floors mopped, the couch wasn't vacuumed, I hadn't touched the kitchen OR the playroom. I gave up. But the tree was up and most of the decorations were too. Normally the tree is done later because we have to wait for the branches to fall. We didn't get to the outside though because it was raining. Jay ended up picking pizza up because I did NOT feel like cooking.
Saturday I finished the cleaning by 1- ONE! I didn't start until 9, but still... My hip has been killing me and moving is hard to do. Then we went to the library, the hallmark store for my snowman, then the mall and got our ornament. Then we went to BWW to use Jay's free points, stopped at Costco because we are thinking about a new TV, and then Chik fila for the free chicken strips.
By then it was 5pm.
I haven't done anything for today's troop meeting for my older girls. I only have 5 max. Vicky is handling the Brownies so I don't have to worry about that at least.
Today is the last day for fall sales (hooray!)
This week I have to finish with the media center, figure out what cookies to make, wrap and organize presents. I'm going to start digging in and looking for a job. I have 31 days left of the year. I still want to hike the flatiron. It was my goal for the year. I also want to end on a high note... please.

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