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January 03, 2020 - 3:15 pm

it's 2020

2020 and I'm still here. Spent the day doing the books for last year. Yesterday I finally hiked the Flatiron. It was my goal for 2019 but then my hip was hurting this past month, J was too busy to take time off... so I told him that I wanted to do it Thursday. It took us 7 hours to the top and back. The map says 5-6 hours. It was HARD. There were a few times on the way up where I didn't think I was going to make it. At one point we looked at each other and both contemplated heading back down,but we had already gone so far and if I couldn't do it this time, it would only mean that we'd have to try again. The way down took just as long as the way up. My legs were jelly. The car was such a welcomed sight! I hope that it's a sign of how the year is going to go.
The sun has been shining the past 3 mornings. So sick of all the clouds and rain.
New year's day was boring. Watched some movies with the girls. The AQI was 170+ so we stayed inside
New Years eve, I took them to uptown jungle for "noon years eve". They got an hour of play and they had a balloon drop. Then we had a dentist appt to fill 2 cavities. Oh yeah, you haven't heard about that- I'll get there.
I told J that Thursday we were hiking so he couldn't work so I figured it would be a boring early night. I didn't care what we did. It was pretty much like all the rest of the new years eves. Although we ended up stopping by the neighbor's just before midnight, yelled happy new year at everyone and then left LOL. I don't think we shared a NYE with anyone since 06-07 when Dave, Mike and Em came over.
Monday dropped Jade off at her friend's house, ran to the bank, picked up cookie packets and got a new comforter.
Sunday we went to Avondale (so far) and had brunch with Sal, little Sal, the baby and Frank. It was good food, but an hour to drive there plus an hour to wait for the table. At least the food came out quick.Then we drove on the new 202 loop home!
Saturday 12/28 we picked up our pottery, returned the ice cream maker, and went on a quest for a new comforter (with no luck)
Friday 12/27 I cleaned... I think. It was slow going
Thurs 12/26 Jade had an AM dentist appt. Got her up and got there. Was told she had 6 cavities and that it would be over $300 with insurance for the fillings. Went home crying. Called the new insurance and they cover pediatric dental. Looked online and saw that the dental office we had our field trip a couple of years ago takes it- got an appointment for later that day! Spent an hour filling out paperwork. Then the dentist. They did have to take more xrays. She only spotted 2 that needed attention and set the appt for 12/31 in the afternoon. Cost $0.00. It was not how I had wanted the day to go, that's for sure, but at least I felt better knowing that I didn't have to fork over all that money!
Wed 12/25 Christmas! Woke up with a headache that only got worse as the day went on. Laid down for most of it and was generally not much fun. I tried- I did, but then I also took too many excederin migraine, which made my stomach hurt. Felt better by dinner and we had our traditional chinese delivery. I got my pool brush, some underwear and a nightshirt. Cadence got me a purse that I picked out and jade got me an ornament. I think the girls enjoyed their presents. They got most of what they wanted from their lists.
Tue 12/24 ?? Watched a few christmas movies/specials. Had pierogi and fish for dinner. Tucked them in by 9, in bed by 11:30.
Mon 12/23 Went to the library and took the girls to the park

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