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December 18, 2019 - 12:04 pm

countdown is on

I'm almost done with shopping. I spent too much, but then again, right now, anything is too much. I just have to get 2 more things and then something for the dogs. I did some research on banking and moving funds around to get the most return.
Last night we had another dinner meet. The night before we went to see Ford V. Ferrari, which was almost 3 hours long. I miss my girls. I just want to be home with them at night and eat dinner as a family.
Stuffed with love was good. There weren't as many kids as usual this year for some reason and there were brand new toys leftover by the end. Some of the people packed up their stuff before the last kids were even done so the helpers didn't get to do any shopping. C picked up a few things for some people and J got a brand new Barbie. I got few gifts for the birthday party saturday! Saturday we had that party 2-4. I cleaned the hot tub before I left and then vacuumed the pool after we got home. Also figured out my cookie orderTook C christmas shopping. She spent less than $40 and was done in less than an hour.
Sunday I did the food shopping and costco, prepped for the troop meeting.
Hip is still sore every morning. I've had headaches the past two days, which are really killing me.

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