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December 13, 2019 - 11:00 am

looking back on the decade

Monday-Wednesday was baking. Yesterday and today have been cleaning. Also stuffed with love setup and today is the event. C had midterms this week. She got C's on most of them (from the ones that she told me grades for). She seems to think C, AVERAGE,is great. Sorry but when I was growing up, a C was just not good enough. I keep telling her that but she doesn't care. She has just a poor attitude and is nothing like me. Tuesday was the orchestra concert. Their group of 5 were really good!
Last tuesday my hip was really bothering me so I went to see Dr Jason. I think he made it worse. By Wednesday it hurt even more. Thursday I went to urgent care. I got a shot of Toradol in my rear and a prescription for a muscle relaxer. Took a nap around 1 until the shot wore off. Then sat on the couch most of the evening. Friday was the light parade. It was raining! We got a spot at the very end of the parade route so it wasn't crowded. J wanted to do something- seems like he either needs 4 drinks at night or something stronger. Says he's 'more stressed' now. Since it was raining, I had the bright idea of putting the pop up tent over the hot tub- pretty awesome. It stopped for a while and went for a short walk, but lately it's been TV, walk, hot tub, bed. No real talking. It's not that I don't enjoy it, but it's just boring.
Sunday I was super stiff and sore- probably from the walking. Every morning this week, I wake up with hip pain. It wears off as the day goes on, and I've been rolling out to try to make it help.

I'm just so over this year, this decade. I just want a new start. Something fresh.
All of the '10's, my 30's, were boring.
All of the "exciting stuff" happened in my 20's. Met the love of my life, moved out, got married, got my first real job, had a baby, bought a house, moved across the country, lost both my parents....
30's- same house, same husband, same computer, same job until I decided to quit last year. No real friends here, even after 11 years. I found fitness and a passion, that has definitely dulled down over the last 6 months due to all of the other things going on. Quit 2 jobs. Completely lost and frustrated about my future path. Did some travelling, but nothing fantastic- CA, CO, NV, NJ, NY, DC, PA. I broke my first bone.
The best thing that came out of the 10's was Jade. I have enjoyed my family. Spending time with them, watching the girls grow up.
I wanted to be done with cleaning by now, but I'm not. I might not even finish by the time school gets out.
My accomplishments this week were baking and cleaning. I know neither can put food on the table or are particularly important but it's all I got right now. My contributions are frivolous and it makes me feel awful about myself.

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