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July 07, 2017 - 1:13 pm

sick germs

Few days behind. It's been an odd week. Jade started GS day camp on Wednesday so I dropped her off in the morning and then worked from the library all day. Literally... Got up once in 7 hours to go to the bathroom. Did the same Thursday but ended up leaving at lunchtime to head home. The sick germs floating around the house finally managed to catch up to me. Was going to take 1/2 a day but ended up working and then taking Jade to swimming. Jay took Cadence to camp in the morning (well the bus stop). This morning, woke up feeling even worse. Jay took the ride with me to drop off Jade and then I came home. My intentions were to check my email and take a sick day but then there was much chaos and I ended up working for an hour. Then laid down for an hour and then worked, and then lunch and then worked. I'm shooting for 4 hours today. With this shifted schedule, I can get everything done but when the day starts I'm so far behind that I work at an accelerated pace and then 5 hours in, I run out of work to do.
We picked up Cadence last Friday and then went to Enchanted Island for about an hour and then out to dinner with Bryan. Didn't get home until 9 something. Saturday we ended up going to the science center and spent about 3 hours there. Sunday we went to lolo's for breakfast and then went roller skating. I won a free birthday party! We also walked to the park and fed the ducks. Trying to get this summer list done. It won't be done by the time school starts. Hopefully by labor day. That week of the girls being sick really threw a wrench in my plans. Monday we ended up having off. The girls went swimming and we saw Despicable Me 3. I was reading my book by the pool. 4th of July we didn't do anything- went to the gym, hung out. Bunch of asshole neighbors shooting off fireworks made the dogs nuts.
They contained 75% of the fire by Sunday and we got the go ahead for camp Maripai on Monday.

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