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September 15, 2017 - 2:19 pm

missing jay!

halfway through september. Almost done with the first quarter of school! Slow down time!
Keeping busy, that's for sure. Work has finally started to slow down. I could start to work on some long term projects, but I'm enjoying the slower pace after the chaos I had to endure for 2.5 weeks.
Jay has been in Avondale pretty much every day. It's frustrating and sad that I don't get to see him and the girls don't spend time with him. Well tomorrow, I have to help out at a Journey workshop so he will be home with both girls. Other than that, no weekend plans. Cleaning.
Jade has 2 weeks left of basketball. She did good last week- no meltdowns. She already said she doesn't want to do it again. I took them to a lacrosse clinic last weekend. Cadence liked it but one of the practice days are Mondays. Besides scouts, she also started cheer this past Monday just through parks and rec. She said it was a lot of fun. I just want both of them to try new things so they can find things they love.
The troop meeting went well for my Daisies. Well behaved and we got pretty much everything done. I was disappointed in what the juniors came up with for leading the next two meetings. They don't have enough to do and they are turning the meetings into school work instead of being fun and creative.
Then Donna's been sending me info about the trip and I flat out told her 'I don't care. I'm not making any decisions for this trip. The girls should be making them.' Haven't heard from her since... It's like she's trying to help but getting nowhere and doing nothing and then it just falls back on me anyway! Don't know if she'd even continue next year. I don't see Lauren going another year. I mean none of the girls really seem into the GS life, more like their parents are forcing them to do it. It just frustrates me. But there is no way that I am giving up this bank account that we pretty much funded ourselves, Jade included. And I'm glad I took that bonus and used it towards their camp.
I did my training for fall product. I think it went ok but it was really hard to do because it was very noisy in that room.
I got to see cadence rock her 1st quarter poem. I missed jade's though because one was am and one was Pm.
I have to leave in about 10 minutes for school pickup. Then run to the dollar tree to get some stuff for jade's fall party, and then head back to watch basketball.

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