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September 25, 2017 - 1:27 pm

archery instructor aka wonderwoman

last week went to hell. Jay was home all week catching up on work. So I really enjoyed not having to pick up the girls from school.
Work-wise, I've been really lazy and that needs to stop. Even today, I feel like I've gotten nothing accomplished.
I did take cadence to cheer and left jade home. Then I went to pound on Monday.
I went to the eye dr Tuesday. Everything is still great! My vision is even better than last year :)
But I got a call on the way there that some of my labs came back funky. I found out later it was Glucose and thyroid so I'm pretty convinced it was from my preworkoutand going to the gym first thing. But now I have to do other labs and go back next month for a follow-up. Went to FMSC with 5 daisies and Cadence. A bunch of the Purple sage people didn't bother to show up. Slightly annoyed but everyone in our troop had fun. Started working on setting up field trips for the daisies- recycling plant, police station, finalizing the gardener for the Jr girls, trying to get my roster corrected, keeping up with fall product people... it was a busy girl scout email week.
Friday I left for archery certification. I did manage to get a ride with another leader, Valerie and her daughter, Popcorn. They were very nice and it worked out ok. Didn't get up there until about 7:15, but they had nothing planned for the night except check in.
Saturday was flag, breakfast, and then class ALL day from 9:15-6:15, with a break for lunch and bathroom. I had to take my written test during dinner because we were so far behind, but there were 23 of us.
I had 4 other ladies in my cabin. They were all nice. We had no heat or electricity. Friday night it got down to about 50 so it wasn't awful. Saturday it was a low of 41. I was cold and uncomfortable.
Then Sunday we had breakfast setup and cleanup, and then there were 2 sessions where new trainers could practice their skills and/or have fun. I thought I signed up for the 2nd session zipline, but it was the first so I missed my spot. I watched the archery class do their run through the first session because I like repetition. Then when I went to zipline, I noticed my error. They said they could have gotten me up but I said no sweat. I ended up doing the rock wall instead. Tried all 5 walls. Then we headed home. Got home a little after 2. Lazy sunday afternoon.
Today I ran out with jay on lunch to get wrapping paper, plates, candles, balloons and flowers and a card for Cadence. I didn't get her much, but no one has ruined the surprise yet either...
I'm pretty pissed at her. She had brought up all her grades to B's except science, she brought up to a 79... and now her reading and social studies are bac to C's. She got a D on her last test after I helped her review it.
They sent rayne's old ipad last week for Cadence to have. She spent ALL weekend on it. I've now revoked it until her grades improve. It's ridiculous. She needs to study and do better. And this is why I didn't want her to have it at all in the first place. But what do I know? I'm just her mother, right?

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