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August 25, 2017 - 7:57 am

16 girl scouts

The meeting with Donna was fine. She wants to have a parent meeting to discuss timing. I told her to do some research and give the girls ideas/suggestions.
Thursday I got an email - Donnie is in the hospital, cover for Rachael. WTF. I was just starting to catch up and almost got rid of all the orders from the last time she was out 2 months ago. So my work got put on hold and I was buried. So now I've been doing her work since the 17th. As of Tuesday, she was back to a regular schedule, but guess what, I'm still doing her work because she's on vacation again next week. So for her 5 days of vacation, I get orders for 12 days. Total bull.
Yesterday I FINALLY managed to catch up- all my work was done. I was pretty excited about that. Today doesn't look terrible. Who knows how next week will be? I don't know why she always has to be out the last week of the month when I'm extra busy.There should really be a rule about that.
So I'm hoping today will be my catchup day.
I'm now up to 8 daisies and 8 juniors. In fact, I turned 1 junior away. We simply don't have the room. I"m going to reach out to Tracey and see if she'll let us use her school.
Wednesday I had training for fall product at parsons and I picked up 3 uniforms. And I put the daisy tunics together so I know they are done correctly. Tuesday I decided to move the new printer from the closet to the file cabinet since jay took the old one and put it in the closet. Well when I moved it, I must have broke something because it just kept saying paper jam paper jam.... then i took one screw out and when i put it back in, it wouldn't close right. I struggled for hours and then just bought a new one. THe new one came yesterday. It's a little more basic than what we had (only 2 trays instead of 3, less paper storage, and it won't take the xl black cartridge), but it should be fine
First daisy meeting is Monday. I am prepared. I even have the 2nd one done too. Then after that, it's up to the big girls. I'll probably put some ideas together for them and maybe some backup activities.
Saturday was our 15th anniversary of the day jay & I met. I had a recruitment event from 9-2. Cadence had slept at lauren's so i picked her up on the way. It was a LONG day and maybe 10 girls total all day. Kinda sad. Jay cleaned the house while we were gone. Then he wanted to do stuff- said we needed to celebrate. I said no. Then later he said he was going to the store for supplies, I said no i didn't want anything and no we didn't agree on this. He got all mad at me and left. I think it was the same night he curled up next to me and said he was sorry for getting mad at me. I dunno- I was sleeping.
I just didn't feel like it. I didn't want to sit around and waste sunday feeling like a zombie. I'm still upset our weekend got ruined. Sunday was a waste anyway. We went food shopping and were gone for like 2 hours. Went to walmart. Made Ziti and brownies for dinner.
Monday was the solar eclipse. It didn't even get dark here and there was this whole controversy about not letting kids out of school to see it. I saw nothing!

on a happy note, jason and celina had their baby boy on Wednesday- Nico.

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