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August 16, 2017 - 8:20 am

trying to find a balance

Finished cleaning the house wednesday. Went to my meeting. It ran a little over, but not bad. It was strange not having Kristi, Anita, or Rebecca there.
Thursday was curriculum night. We hit cadence's teacher at 6 and then Jade's at 6:30. No major surprises. Friday Jay was back in avondale so I had to pick up Cadence and then go back for Jade.
Saturday I was up early so decided to work on planning the Daisy meetings, went to pound, helped Jade with her book report, then pulled weeds in the front, vacuumed both cars. A chore-like day. It was raining in the morning.
Sunday we were up and out of the house by 8. Went to payson and hiked at the Natural Bridge. Did all the trails there. Very pretty and a lot of fun. Then we went to Chili's for lunch. Then we were trying to find some railroad cave, but couldn't. Ended up at the fish hatchery where they make trout. It was cool. Then headed back home and stopped at Costco on the way.
Monday Jay was back in Avondale. We got up early and went to the gym! YAY! Great way to start the day. I had my massage around 11. She seriously worked my muscles. I had to go to the Service Squad meeting. I didn't know how long I'd be so I took the girls with me. They decided to just hype up the council one. We lose $100 bonus not doing our own, but council's sounds awesome. Didn't get home until 8.
Tuesday I tried to get up, but I was still sore from my massage! In fact, I even have a couple of bruises. I can definitely feel more mobility all around though and that's a good thing.
Jay had work to do around here so he was home. I finished up my day and then started planning the 2nd Daisy meeting. The Jr's will have to plan 3 of them but probably 3,4 and 5 so just trying to get a little ahead so I don't feel overwhelmed with fall product stuff. My first shipment delivered too- 3 boxes with some samples, prizes and paperwork. I have 9 more boxes coming Tomorrow.
The pool was looking majorly green, probably from all the rain we've gotten recently. Threw a bag of shock in and mostly blue!
Jay had his ortho appt too. They did x-rays and didn't see any areas of concern. Could just be an injury that is having trouble healing or early signs of arthritis (in his knee).
Jay didn't want to cook so we went to Chompies for dinner. Kids eat free Tuesday! So dinner was like $30- not too bad.
Today we got up early again and off to the gym. I haven't been doing a ton- this 4 week WOD and then a 20 day leg WOD.
I just need to get organized and focused so I can take care of ME, Scouts, Family, Work & House.. I CAN do it all, but I need to make sure I don't put too much weight on one and ignore the others.
Donna is "trying" to be helpful this week, but the things she's helping with, I've already done! LOL... I GOT THIS! And especially with 5th graders, I'll get ideas and suggestions together, but I'm not going to say hey we are doing this for this... She wants to have lunch today to discuss the big trip. I don't know what there is to discuss, except possible dates and length of time, which by progression should be 3-4 nights. She wants no part of the Daisies and I'm so excited to be able to lead Jade and her peers a BETTER way with more variety of the Girl Scout program. And that's really just because I'm now 6 years experience and I know what 5 year olds can and can't do.

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