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August 09, 2017 - 2:12 pm

girl scout recruiter

It's been a phone call kind of day. Calling potential girl scout families, setting up field trips, Barbara & Tibby. And yesterday I was texting, trying to catch up with people. Time goes too fast. I'm always busy- it's nuts.
Service team meeting was 3 hours. I got home after 10 and crashed. Friday we went out for pizza. We went swimming Saturday. Were going to go hiking Sunday but Saturday night jade was up and having trouble breathing. I was actually scared. I stayed with her on the couch all night long. I guess it was just congestion. She still sounds a little sick, but not terrible.
The last 3 days have been odd. Jay has gone to Avondale to help Joe (he dropped off the RX7 last week up there too). So he's "working there parttime". He leaves at 10 and then gets home after 7. I'm on school pickup duty, which I hate. It's super quiet in the house- just me and the dogs. I've been cleaning. I started Monday and did more yesterday. Almost done- should be able to finish today. Since last time I cleaned it took me a week, it's been 2 weeks since I started but only a week since I finished.
We had a troop meeting here monday for just the junior girls. They started planning their year. We have the new girl Hannah, and another girl Sofie joined us, but she's not in our troop yet. The first meeting is the 28th for all the girls, but I planned an apple field trip for the juniors so they can earn their digital photography badge. Since Cadence already did the class, I'll have her stay home and she can help me with the Daisies! And that way they don't have to go to Donna's house since she doesn't seem very happy about it at all. I have 3 so far, but I talked to a mom today and I also reached out to Christy, Jackie and Chris to see if their daughters wanted to join. I'd like 6. I don't think I want any more.
Today I went to lunch with the mom's group at olive garden. It was like a 2 hour lunch. I've probably only done about 1 hour of actual work today...
I'm going to have to leave to pick up the girls in a few and then leader's meeting tonight.
Hopefully I can get the rest of the house clean.
OH and my brother got out of jail. He is in NC and can't leave there. He's lost all of his teeth and has nothing- no boat, no car, no place to live. And he says he still doesn't remember what happened.

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