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July 12, 2017 - 8:52 am

finally feeling better

So friday was a 4 hour work day, followed by swimming lessons. Saturday I laid in bed most of the morning. Pound was cancelled because they were redoing the floors. Then Jay dragged my ass to costco and Fry's. Not what I wanted to do. We also went to Toys R Us and Jade picked out a new lunchbox- Ninjago!!
Sunday we cleaned. I did a crap job. Jay helped a little bit. It took most of the day. Then I had a service team meeting at 6. I finally left at 10. I felt so awful. I'm not sure how I made it home really. I felt like I was going to pass out and my head was pounding. Came home and went to bed.
Monday I took the day off. Drove Jade to camp, came home and laid in bed all morning. Ate a sandwich and then was feeling slightly better for the afternoon. Folded laundry, did some GS correspondence, but really not much. We picked up jade and then off to swimming lessons.
Tuesday I actually felt like a person! I only took one sudafed all day long. Dropped Jade off, when she realized she didn't have her backpack.... Jay ended up driving it over around lunch and we went to smashburger together and dropped off buster's prescription so I took 45 min for lunch. Got jade and some stuff for Deborah, home and swimming and then cooking dinner. By 8pm I'm beat! I don't know how people who go to work do this every day.
Today I am back at the library working. It's not super busy today, which is surprising because I'm usually slammed with work in the morning and here it is almost noon in NJ. Maybe I'll have time to get more girl scout work done.
Only 2 more days after today of camp. It hasn't been awful, but not being home and able to do things like dishes or make the bed, it makes things harder for sure.
We are still having the california debate for next weekend. I'd like to go but at the same time I'm trying to pay things off and I have a plan and a budget. Spending $200 to get into legoland, $250 for a hotel, gas, food, souvenirs.... It's going to be a $600-700 weekend. If we could stay at R&L's house, then it wouldn't be too bad- maybe $350. But hoping to go back in october... I kinda just want to wait. But Jay is interested in some hood and wheels to buy.
If we don't go, I'd like to do stuff around town and work on our summer list... it's getting away quick

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