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June 07, 2017 - 10:43 am

unexpected visitor and a long bus ride

Wednesday Mike Harris was in phoenix! So he got a ride to the house, hung out for a bit, we went to dinner and then I drove him to his hotel. It was nice to catch up. We also went for cheesesteaks for lunch. Shredded chicken, but a little skimpy.
Thursday I did some lunch errands- dropped off the violin, went to the library. The desk came for Cadence so Jade and I put that together after work. Went to pound. New instructor- new new... had notes. She was terrible and I hated all her music.
Saturday I had the daisy "tea" from 10-12. Jade made some friends and I think 2 of the girls will be joining our troop. Unfortunately I didn't make it to pound. Then we hung out and went swimming and then went to Hot import Nights. It was so small and lame and most of the nice cars were shops'. Tried out La Famigila pizza. It was good. Better than the last time we got Buonos's
Sunday I took cadence to the bus stop. I rode the bus up and back to Willow. Got back to the bus stop at 3, then home for a few, and then off to Bryleigh's birthday party at pump it up. Stopped and got panda for dinner.
Monday, I kept my day off, dropped jade off at the gym, went to Lowes and got paint, prepped the room and got started at 9:30. Picked jade up at 12 and did more painting. Got done around 3. I decided on a grey and a brighter green for 2 walls. I think they look nice. Wanted to go to Pound, but I was just so exhausted from painting, just took jade to swimming. Walked around the pool a couple of times, but I don't really like this teacher. You don't say to little kids "stop screwing around" not appropriate in my opinion. Then after swimming, I was organizing, cleaning up, putting stuff on the walls. I couldn't fall asleep and was up pretty late. Tuesday, I worked all day. Got like 0 steps.
After work, took Jade to Isabel's to play for about 2 hours. Went to swimming. Too hot to walk around and want to keep an eye on this instructor.
Home, watched Boss Baby with Jade and ate tomato soup and then we both went to bed by 9. Today, I didn't even get up until 7:30. I haven't felt great. My eyes are not great, headaches. I don't know what is going on. I still think it's monitor related because Sundays I'm usually fine (after not looking at a screen for 2 days).
I have to get to the gym. I always put myself last. Everything else comes first, kids, dogs, husband, house, chores, etc etc....
Cadence comes home tonight. Jay will have to get her while I take Jade to swimming lessons.

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