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May 31, 2017 - 7:57 am

weekly update

Before it gets too late or I get distracted....
Judy is leaving in an hour. Her trip was pretty uneventful, as usual.
Wednesday she hung out with Jade and we got Chinese for dinner. Thursday she hung out with Jade and we went to Chompie's for dinner. I really did not want to go. I wasn't feeling great and anytime someone comes to town all we do is go out and eat crap. So I got a grilled chicken wrap. I picked up the boxtops Thursday morning and asked about speech. They said they wouldn't do anything until school starts anyway. I guess at this point I can just try to work with her on my own during the summer. My lunch was counting boxtops.
Friday I got done at 9 so I ran to pound. There was no sub. I ran into Hunter's mom, Jessica, and ended up rowing and doing arms (I'm so behind in the 24 days of fitmas again). Picked up cadence from her half day and then we went to the Odysea aquarium. Ended up upgrading to an annual membership for less than the cost of another ticket. Then I spent most of the day cleaning the house
Saturday the girls went to get their nails done. I went to the gym at 11 for pound. Another sub. This one was god-awful. She forgot an entire choreography. Cleaned the living room and started in Cadence's room. Then since I was bored and it didn't seem like they were going to do anything, I started operation room merge. Worked on Cadence's closet- moving all the clothes into there, reconfigured her furniture. By the time I quit, Cadence's room was decent. Jade's room was a total nightmare. Cooked ravioli for dinner.
Sunday I was back at it again. I was hoping they would go to legoland but Judy said she didn't want to do that. So I kept on going with my project. We got Jade's bed moved into there as well. They ended up going shopping. They were gone for less than 90 minutes. Cadence comes home with 4 pieces of clothing and a lego set. Jay and I flipped out. The clothes she bought were all the wrong size too. We made them go back and return the legos and exchange the clothes. They ended up going to target and she got a few more things. Jade also got a lego set- $70.... I don't know how much Cadence's one was because I didn't look at what model.
I finally finished EVERYTHING by about 4. Granted, we still need the desk to deliver and move the shelf and animal net. I'd still like to repaint. I have monday off. I took it off to work on the rooms (I never would have gotten it all done in a day). Jade will be at gym camp for 4 hours.
Sunday we went to Kona Grill for dinner. I got a roll. Trying to be healthy.
Monday, I assumed they were going to legoland. The last thing on the girls' list of stuff they wanted to do. Nope. Judy says her stomach hurts still. So I dragged the cover off the pool and got it ready for swimming. Went to big lots and walmart and got some rafts and noodles and we went swimming around 11:30. Well that lasted like an hour and then everyone was back inside in front of the damn tv again. So Jay & I went out to harbor freight and big lots and walmart. Jade asked for curtains for under her bed so I got the shower curtain to match Cadence's bedspread and garbage can and cut it in half. Donna said she would hem it for me.
I cooked dinner and then went to pound. Megan will have to be the next best thing to Jackie, but I hate night classes! Came home and made the lemon cake I've been wanting to for over a month now.
Then I just couldn't fall asleep. Jay either. I got like 4.5 hours. When the alarm went off for the gym I shut it off.
Then yesterday, they did more of NOTHING. I worked all day. By the time I logged off at 3pm, I had 600 steps. I was at my desk ALL DAY and was very frustrated and exhausted. So I took a shower and vegged. Jay made dinner. We watched lego batman.
Still couldn't fall asleep but not nearly as bad.
When the alarm went off I struggled to get up but lost.

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