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May 03, 2017 - 12:11 am

can't sleep

Friday I pounded with jackie and no music. Well the weekend was lame. Saturday I did paddleboard yoga. Jade had her last ice skating then we went straight to a birthday party until 4. Went to famous footwear to look for sneakers, no luck so headed to the outlets. Everyone got sneakers, then we stopped at chick-fil-a for dinner, then ice cream at the new place by school and home around 7:30. Sunday my plan was to clean. I started in cadence's room. By 12, I still wasn't finished and I twisted a certain way and pain just shot out of my back. I was useless for the rest of the day- laid in bed with tears streaming down my face. Watched Kubo and the 2 strings- weird movie. Yesterday back felt slightly better. Worked all day with no lunch and then tried to do some cleaning. Did the office, bedroom, bathrooms and living room. We ran to hallmark and I got a card for Meg & Ant and the girls got me birthday/mothers day cards. As long as I was moving my back wasn't really bothering me.
Today (well really yesterday), stiff again when I woke up. If I sat for too long, it would hurt. Finished cleaning jade's room and the kitchen. Started moving toys into Jade's closet and pulled out some baby stuff she no longer wants. The kitchen took me almost 3 hours and I didn't even do the floor. So much clutter, papers, just stuff. And DIRTY.
Laid down for bed before 11, but couldn't fall asleep.
Started making a list of things to do and then decided to do some since I'm not really tired.
My monitor is still blurry. I've tried to adjust the clear type but can't quite get it right.
Decided to take off Friday for my birthday too. I have 15 days and nothing scheduled.
Work is not super busy but busy enough. I've also been getting to the point where I just don't want to do anything, stare into space for an hour and then get back at it.
I've only been getting to the gym once a week. It's frustrating and I feel so fat. The scale goes up, never down. I've been trying not to eat snacks. Been having a protein bar or shake for breakfast.It's just frustrating.

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