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April 27, 2017 - 9:00 am

girl scout ninjas

Since that was only a partial update, here's the rest of it.
thursday we did some get out challenge activities. Went to the farmer's market, found a cache, picked up culvers/yogi's for dinner. Friday Jay and i put the signs out for the troop leaders. I had setup the tent in the backyard (big project) and also the projector (another hassle). The girls camped out all weekend. We forgot to turn the sprinklers off so Cadence got wet! Saturday I was at the annual meeting until about 2:30. The meeting and girl led session was kinda bleh, but I enjoyed walking around the new camp. I also planned ahead and had an order ready for pickup at the council store! Came home and kinda vegged out a bit.
Sunday I got up, made a list and a menu (which took an hour) and then went food shopping (another hour), while Jay went to costco. Then I made cherry marble squares. Another not productive kinda day and overall weekend.
Work is not so bad today. I'm caught up on most of my other work. I'm waiting for the credit card statements and I still need to finish this website but I got a lot of the small crap out of the way.
Trying to work on some "me" stuff now.

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