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May 10, 2017 - 3:18 pm

my eyes are going crazy...still!

I have about 10 minutes.
My computer settings are still wrong. I was off Fri and Mon and then going back to work yesterday, my eyes were KILLING me by the end of the day- so bad that I sat with an ice pack on my eyeballs. Today, same thing. When I look away, it goes away so I know it's specifically the monitor, not allergies or anything else. I'm ready to just buy a new TV or monitor. I can't take it anymore. Right now I'm using Jay's computer. I think I'll use it tomorrow all day if I can and see how I do. If I'm ok then I know it's specifically mine and not computer monitors in general. It's frustrating how painful it is.
Friday I took the day off. We didn't do anything really. Went to the gym, then I picked up Jade and we got pedicures. Then had lunch and picked up cadence. Saturday I had morning yoga. Got the pool vac serviced, bagels from bagel man, registered jade for swimming lessons, went swimming in the pool and hung around most of the afternoon and then went to the service team dinner at old spaghetti factory. Dinner was ok. Got home around 9. Sunday was sunsplash day- cold, cloudy and windy. i didn't even go on any of the rides. The girls did a few, but not many. We left around 2:30. Hung out in the backyard for the afternoon.
Celebrated birthday-eve with a fire and dude where's my car. Went to bed around 2. Then got up to take the girls to school. So tired. Drove up to avondale to pick up rush work for jay, then came home, 20 minute nap, picked up jade, went to serrano's for lunch, home and another nap then I had to go and get cadence and then we went to pack food at Feed My Starving Children. Stopped at albertson's for a birthday cake because jay forgot. Had leftover serrano's for dinner and cake. Went to bed by 9. Not really a great birthday. The best part was not having to work. Yesterday I was completely buried with work. Cadence also had her poem recital and then her spring concert at 5. Taco tuesday and leftover cake. Watched one show with Jay and in bed by 10. My eyes hurt so much.
Today, up and at the gym by 6:15. Working by 7:15. I managed to get a lot done yesterday but still needed to do a lot of catchup today. Got a decent amount done but not as much as I wanted. Had to keep taking breaks away from the screen. Then I had to pick up cadence. Now I have to run out to get waxed.

I can't recall if anything important or meaningful happened Wed-Friday. If it did I'll be sure and put in another update

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