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March 29, 2017 - 9:17 am


quick one because I just don't have time.
It's end of month and the amex statements aren't ready yet. I now have a website to build with 0 items that I can add and now I'm stuck waiting on other people. I've felt awful since Monday. I haven't made it to the gym. I've been going to bed early. I feel dizzy and nauseous. I want to go to the chiropractor today and see if that helps at all. I can't seem to concentrate and I keep making mistakes at work.
Jade is back at school. Girl scout meeting went well on Monday. Color run was Saturday, along with Lauren's birthday party. We didn't bother trying to sell any cookies the last weekend. Wanted to do something fun Sunday and went to the zoo but it was so crowded we didn't go inside. Found some letterboxes at papago park instead. Friday we went to the gym and I wanted to go to pound but Jackie wasn't there and there was no one in class and a cryptic sign on the door about cancelled classes so I went to spin. I was not happy because it's not what I wanted to do. After we left, Jay tells me that there was class and he was looking for me. I was so mad. It put me in such a crappy mood all day Friday.
Jay and I got matching haircuts on Thursday. At least he got a haircut. It looks much better.

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