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March 21, 2017 - 9:38 am

productive and all caught up!

Got some time today for an update. I'm being totally productive. Went to the gym, washed my face, brushed my teeth and flossed, took my vitamins, ate breakfast, made the bed, all caught up on work, updated GS mileage, updated Element Powder books and now updating this and it's not even 10AM. I blame the preworkout. I also re-vacuumed 3 rooms to get some steps in! Going to go through the small pile of papers on my desk and work on Monday's girl scout meeting plans. It's days like this that I like being home because I get shit done. If I was at an office, then I wouldn't.
Thursday, Jerry came and replaced the HW heater. Apparently we are plumbed for a water softener and he recommends putting one in. We are pricing them out. I applied for a few jobs. I want more money. I want a chance to advance.
Friday was St Patrick's day. I did 70% of the cleaning after work. I was a maniac. I also gave the dogs a bath. Saturday I had to clean the kitchen, living room and Jade's room. I finished around noon. Jade's room took me a while. I also sold the easel. I'd like to move Cadence's desk into her room so she has a place to do her homework next year (and I figured it'd be a good spot for lego building) and get Cadence a new desk. One with a small hutch and better storage on the side. I'm sure eventually she'll have a laptop. Didn't do much Saturday afternoon. Played some board games, went to costco to return the bulbs jay bought for the garage that caught on fire, got gas, went to Target and got Lauren's birthday present (yeah ahead of the game!) and the candy store/big lots. Sunday, I wanted to DO something. So we went to Coolidge to the Casa Grande Ruins national monument. Spent a few hours there. The girls did the Jr ranger program. It was enjoyable. Learned some history, saw something new, got points for the Get Out Challenge. Then came home and decided to take the cover off the pool and clean it up a bit. I spent a few hours doing that. Then the girls wanted to swim so I let them. It was still gross and way cold for me, but they had fun. Ate dinner outside on the patio, had a couple of drinks. An enjoyable and productive weekend.
Yesterday was the first day of spring. We got our free Rita's after dinner. Jade had swimming lessons too. Free session. Work hasn't been awfully busy. It comes in waves. Didn't make it to the gym, but Jay and I walked around the pool 6 or 7 times while Jade was in class. I made quiche for breakfast and a new chili recipe for dinner. Both were delicious. Jade is still off from school this week, but Cadence went back. I can't believe we are in the last quarter of the school year.
Saturday, Cadence pulled out one of her teeth and put it under her pillow. Completely forgot about it. Sunday she mentions that the tooth fairy didn't come and I go 'well Ginger was up barking like a maniac. Maybe she scared her away'. So sunday, I was pretty drunk and passed out around 9. Well I woke up at 3am and remembered! So I wrote a note and put it under her pillow with a doubled fee! Jay had forgotten as well. I think that makes 13 so only 7 more to go.

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