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March 16, 2017 - 8:06 am

catching up

Well it took me 6 days to get the house clean. I finished up on Saturday. We had gone looking for that other mystery house, but I think someone already got to it. Sold a couple of boxes at least! Saturday they added some more booth slots. I picked up 8 hours at a walmart. The girls sold almost 200 boxes and we hit the council goal! Jay says I should pocket the program credits just for them since they sold the 20 cases on their own. I dunno. Cadence is 14 away from the 1500. I can move some from Julie and bump her up, but she's only 13 away from her goal. I bumped up Addy, Brooke, Lauren, and Jocelyn O took more and bumped herself up. I only took cookies from Jocelyn M, and Valerie to move the girls around. And of course, I took all but 15 of Jade's boxes and moved them to Cadence... the greater good! I have to pick up replacement cookies today. My monday/tuesday days off were uneventful. I didn't get to the gym either day. I did pick up cookies at council, go to the bank, drop off UPS. Tuesday I did yardwork- mowed the lawn, pulled weeds. At least the backyard looks nice. Yesterday Jade had her well visit appointment with the new doctor. We were home within an hour. Very short wait, didn't feel rushed. The girls have been bums all week sitting around watching TV. I was trying to sign them up for pony camp yesterday but they didn't want to go!
Sunday was the ostrich festival. Jade snuck on some 48" rides. We got the wristbands and the just went ride crazy. Saw four shows too. No games this year. Still spent $130 between tickets, rides and food.
Saturday was a nothing kinda day. I had to clean Cadence's room and I was putting away the blankets into space bags.
I'm now on the 3 hour time difference. I managed to get caught up yesterday from being out two days. I have a website to create, but no information to do it so I'm in a holding pattern.
I don't know if I should clean this weekend or next weekend. Technically it will be almost 2 weeks for the rooms I cleaned Monday, but only a week for what I finished Fri/Sat.
Our main water line was fixed and today, Jerry is coming back to replace the hot water heater because it's rusting out the bottom and could go at any moment. Jay powdercoated the mailbox. Peter stopped by last week and dropped off the tax stuff. We are getting a few grand back, but maybe it will be enough to redo the front. I wanted to do the floors this year. I don't think that's going to happen.

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