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April 06, 2017 - 10:09 am

feeling much better

Made it to the chiropractor last week and was feeling much better by Friday. Even went to pound and totally rocked it. Lazy weekend. Did some cleaning. Took cadence to a journey in a day on Sunday. Saturday we went to Kona grill for dinner and then got a harkins movie popcorn to take home and watched Monster Trucks with the girls. It was a nice evening. Jade finished her swimming on Friday and then we went to a preschool that one of the leaders is opening this year to help her build some furniture as service.
Monday I went with Jay after school to pick up parts in Avondale. Little did we realize that the final four game was happening so it took us 2 hours to get there..... and then 30 minutes to get home. No homework this week because Cadence had testing. Enjoying the break.
Got myself prepped for next meeting. Had a service team meeting last night for 3 hours. I decided to take on fall product for next year! I'm excited.
Meg and Ant had their baby early (7 weeks early) on april fool's day- Charlotte. I haven't even had time to get them a gift yet LOL.
Decided to take out money from ING to start paying off bills. I think I'll be in good shape by the end of September as long as nothing breaks (knock on wood). We have some tax refund money. I hope it's enough to redo the floors. Jay wants to redo the side gate too. And we may need to do something with the front yard. It doesn't look awful, but doesn't look great either.
Submitted cookie rewards. Without moving cookies around 1,504 for both girls. So only 11 got moved so that jade could get the patch and the $10 discount off registration next year.

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