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February 23, 2017 - 8:08 am

up ridiculously early

Pushed this off a couple of days. I've actually had work to do! Imagine that! And we went to the gym Tue/Wed so that's my hour fifteen lunch at 9am which kinda throws off my day. Today I woke up before 5. Not sure why. Couldn't fall back asleep so took my time, got up and went to the gym. I was there between 5:45 and 5:50. Did 15 minutes of rowing and then a 8 block K-rock workout that I designed this morning. Then I ran to Fry's and got some new bread, rolls, cereal, etc. Home by 7:15, made Cadence's lunch at logged on by 7:32. Not bad!
Yesterday afternoon, they announced that they are extending cookie sales by 3 weeks! UGH. I was looking forward to winding down with that. I think I have a mystery house figured out but it's in north scottsdale so about 20 minutes in the car to get there.
Tuesday we did a booth at Cricket wireless. It was awful. 8 boxes in 2 hours. Just me and Cadence. There was just no one to ask! Monday was president's day. I wanted to get the girls out, thinking people would be home, but I was working and jay was working and then he went to buckeye so we didn't do that.
Jay got a little mad at me on valentine's because I was tired and not in the mood for being "frisky". I don't care that it was valentine's. It's just another day. Bryan did come over on Wednesday for chili.
Thursday I gave the doggies a bath because they stunk!
Friday I started cleaning while the girls were at school. Work was dead. We got everything but the kitchen, living room and floors done! Then I was pulling weeds for a bit and noticed the ground was super soggy. Turns out our broken sprinkler wasn't the only reason our water bill was so high last month... the main water line running into the house was leaking! Bryan had stopped by for another reason, grabbed a shovel and he and jay took care of the problem (well, we still have a slow drip, but it's not gushing) While the water was shut off, I decided to play plumber and clean out Jade's sink drain because it's been horribly slow. Now it's just like new!
Saturday we finished the last two rooms and mopped the floor. Then we went to see the Lego Batman Movie, which was HILARIOUS! Go see it!
Took the girls for long overdue haircuts, came home and relaxed. Played about 3 hours of board games with the girls and Jay. It was nice.
THen Jay and I had a good evening. Watched movies, did stuff. Went to bed around 4.
Sunday we had a relaxing morning. Played legos and board games for a bit. Then went out to sell cookies after lunch. Got caught in the rain. Had to RUN home. Cookies stayed dry... we did not!

So that's been my week. It was a pretty good one.

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