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February 14, 2017 - 11:04 am


it's valentine's day! I've already gone to the bank, gone to the gym and had to meet jay halfway to Jade's school because she left her valentines at home. Jay ran in to Fry's and picked up flowers and balloons for the girls while I was in the bank.
I did 9 hours of boothing Sunday in a row. I had 2 booths at one time and 8 out of 9 girls boothing on Sunday. We are 1,164 boxes less this year than our last year end, but have 1 less girl selling. Jade is officially part of our troop and selling so she makes it 9. Cadence is at 954. She will hit 1k, maybe even 1250, but I don't think she will make it to 1500 this year. We did get out Friday to go door to door. I've just been so busy with booths that I haven't had time and homework has been taking her almost 2 hours every night. Now that there's no more booths, we should be able to get out. And it's a long weekend coming up with president's day. I have a little over 90 donated boxes to "play with" and we are still waiting on a few orders. I've only bought 2 boxes myself.
I had a leaders' meeting last wednesday. Shortest one ever. Peter came and picked up our tax stuff on Thursday. Saturday we did a 6 mile hike with the neighborhood and then Jade had a birthday party.
Tonight I'm making tacos for dinner. Tomorrow Bryan is coming over for some chili. Still trying to stay on top of stuff.
John (Jay's brother) is coming out with Judy at the end of the month for Jade's birthday. Pretty surprising. Only took 5 years to meet his niece and 8.5 to visit us.
Work has been kind of quiet. I'm glad. I've just been so crazy. Yesterday I had to run and get more cookies. Then I ended up taking back Donna's >:| but only because we had the booth. I'm at about 20 unsold boxes right now. I'm happy with that number. But mints are low again.
Dawn says she'll have the invites proofed today. I know she's been busy. I want them by next week.
ok time to shower and get the flowers in the vases for the girls before jade gets home oh yeah and wash dishes and put laundry away. hooray

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