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November 11, 2016 - 1:56 pm

Thank you Veterans

Quick update because i have to finish packing for camp-
Today is Veteran's day. We marched in the parade this morning. Leaving for camp in about an hour. 5 girls + 2 adults. I've been very tired this week and battling headaches. I took a sudafed yesterday and it seemed to help so I wonder if it's an allergy/sinus thing. I just took another one today so hopefully it will keep me feeling ok. I know it's going to be a long and exhausting weekend.
Tuesday was election day. For some reason, America decided to elect Donald Trump as our president. Yes, I'm serious. The world has turned upside down and is filled with so much hate right now.
I can only do my part by showing girls that they DO matter and that they CAN be leaders.
Last weekend I did get most of the cleaning done on Friday and just finished up a few things Saturday and took down halloween. Then I sat outside and read a book while the girls played. Sunday we went hiking on South Mountain in the morning, went to a couple of stores and then went to Kiwanis park. And we watched ET
It's been a busy girl scout week. I Had a leader meeting that was long. I had to take the girls with me. I had to sit through 3 hours of webinars for cookies to get my password for early boothing tomorrow. Trying to wrap up candy sales, trying to get some activities planned for camp (I didn't finish that).
Yesterday I dropped of cadence at Gymnastics and then ran to target to find pants to wear for this morning. I'm a 12+ in girls sizes. Grown up clothes don't fit me. The 0's are too tight and the 2's are too loose and everything has a huge gap in the back. Adjustable waistbands are awesome!
Well gotta finish packing and hopefully be ready to go by 3:30. I get anxiety driving long distances and at night. And I'm sure 3 girls in the car won't make it easy!

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