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November 04, 2016 - 10:55 am


Halloween was kinda eh. It didn't feel like halloween. Esmeralda and Julie came over for trick or treating. Jade was a maniac. She had so much fun ringing doorbells and then going "ROAR" to people and if they said crocodile, she said "no I'm a pterodactyl"!
So adorable.
We had a troop meeting on Tuesday. Only 3 girls showed up. Worked on first aid/safety.
Wednesday I had a service team meeting. Since Jay goes to work on the car every night, I took the girls with me. We left a little after 8:30. I could tell Jade was tired and irritable. By the time we got home and I got them into bed it was 8:55- late for a school night. The past few days my stomach has not felt so great. Yesterday I ended up falling asleep at lunchtime even. Then I just laid around all day after work, reading a book.
Candy sales are winding down. Cadence is at 98. I'm trying to get some people to order a few more items. If it doesn't happen, I may just move two from one girl to another so she can get the ice skating event.
Rachael and Laura are out today. Luckily it's been quiet and I've cleaned the living room and both bathrooms this morning. I had done Jade's room and the office on Wednesday. Just trying to get it out of the way so we can enjoy the weekend a little. I keep popping on and off the computer. Hoping to tackle Cadence's room next and then the dining room. Then maybe our room and the kitchen tonight or tomorrow. Leave the den for last since I'm pulling down halloween decorations and putting them in there.

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