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October 31, 2016 - 8:06 am

Happy Halloween!

Last week was a blur.
Tuesday, Cadence went to her first helping hands club meeting, which is a service club at school. She had a good time. Then I picked her up and we drove to Courtney's house to get my candy. Then since we were close, I drove to Addy's house and dropped off the majority of it. Got home around 5. Every night Jay's been going to kent's around 6:30 to work on the car. It kinda sucks :/
Wednesday, Cadence got her straight A's award at flag ceremony. Jay stayed and took some pictures. She made us a cake for our wedding anniversary too! We went to drop off her pumpkin for the carving contest for the orthodontist, but they were in the other office. so we ran over there first thing Thursday morning.
Friday we took Jade to her field trip at Vertuccio's farm, then picked up cadence from her 1/2 day at 11:40, then came home and I started going through box tops. Then we ran up to council and got more candy, back home and more box tops. Dropped the girls off at Donna's around 3. Then for our Anniversary, we went to Ace hardware, back home and more box tops, then we went to kona grill and had dinner. Then we went to costco for Malibu and Winco looking for Blue Curaco (which they didn't have) and then a liquor store. Came home and made Blue Hawaii's and worked on the boxtops until the girls came back from the halloween party at city of Chandler & a Chompie's dinner.
Saturday I took cadence to a girl scout event, where she learned all about plumbing and pipes and how to cut and thread pipe and solder. It was pretty awesome! We got home around 1 and then just hung out. I did some cleaning up; got all the boxtops counted, bagged and ready to mail. Jay was working on the car. After dinner, the girls did their pumpkins.
Sunday we got up early and hiked Piestewa Peak's freedom trail. It was close to 4 miles and rated as moderate-difficult. There were a few parts where I was out of breath, but it was a good hike! After that we went to Cheesecake factory for brunch and to get Jade new sneakers at the sketcher's store. Apparently her foot grew 2 sizes in the last year LOL. Then home and relaxing.
We were going to go to the Trunk or Treat but it was so packed and there was nowhere to park. It was insane. So we decided to skip it and just came home and had dinner. The girls were in bed before 7:30- they were tired. Me too- I was in bed by 8:30!
Today trying to catch up from being out on Friday. Never fun.
Have a bunch of things to do on my list.

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