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October 04, 2016 - 8:22 am

ready to quit

So last tuesday was pretty productive in the morning... until work blew up. Issue with this one website and people not being able to log in. So I spent almost my entire day replying to people in email and phone calls. At least 40 of them. Also Rachael was out and there were a few issues with her rush orders that I had to take care of. So I didn't do all of her work. I have my own to worry about. Well Wednesday she emailed Chris B. Called me "pathetic" and doesn't know what I do all day long. So I was pretty hurt and angered by that because I busted my ass all day Tuesday doing as much as I could (as I always do) and no, she DOESN'T know what I do all day. No one does! However Nancy called me and thanked me for doing a great job that day so at least someone important cares.
So Wednesday I was pretty upset, understandably. And of course she pretends like nothing is wrong. I've been ignoring her as much as I can. And Friday I started looking for a job. I'm honestly ready to just give my notice even without having something but I don't think I'll be able to handle that amount of stress. Although I feel like maybe it's the drive I need. I applied for 8 jobs on Friday. It took me 90 minutes after I was done working for the day. I already got back 1 no. :/
Saturday was the thin mint sprint. I stayed with Jade, who I had to piggyback at one point for .3 miles. We finished the 5k in 58:01. After that, we came home and did nothing.
Sunday I wanted to go for a real run but it was raining. All day. I was bored and annoyed. I finished the book I was reading and started on the Scooby Doo puzzle.
Haven't really spoken to Jay since Sunday. He wasn't home most of the weekend. Nothing but problems with the car.
I've just been in a bad mood. Yesterday I decided to go for a run on lunch. I ran 1.4 miles in 19 minutes. My first mile was 13:24. It felt awesome. It was a little warm and very windy,but it was the first time I really ran in what feels like forever. It put me in a better mood but it didn't last.
Judy is coming today, in about an hour. I don't even care. I don't care about going to Disney. I really don't want to go to be honest. It's too much money. I had to pay the auto insurance for 6 months + 1 year home ins + the eye dr. I can't catch a break. Taxes are due. I'm going to pay them in full by 12/31 instead of 2 halves.

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