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September 27, 2016 - 6:54 am

Cadence turns 9!

So last weekend I cleaned the entire house by myself on Saturday. And it didn't really take me all day. Then we went out shopping for Cadence and picked up some food stuff. We went to lakeshore and got stuff laminated, children's place, exchanged the one pandora bracelet (since both are now broken), lowes and frys.
Started working on her animal zoo during the week. Jay worked on the car.
Wednesday she forgot her violin for school. Did I bring it to her? nope. I also thought she forgot her lunch but she brought a different lunch bag and totally tricked me. Then since she couldn't find anything to wear for picture day (no sleeveless- not even dresses) we went to target and she picked out a top and two pairs of jeans. i also went to the eye dr. My eyes look FANTASTIC, pressures were both 14, which is NORMAL. I was pretty stoked about that. Back to lowes on Thursday and got the paint and everything else for the party. Made the cake thursday night and then made the 2nd layer on Friday morning because I was up early. Thursday was quiet at work because the office was moving. Friday was crazy because no one could work and there were orders pouring in. I took off 2 hours friday and got done at 1 and started cleaning. Got everything but the kitchen and living room done. Also did most of the decorating. Saturday I was up early again cleaning, decorating, getting ready for the party. The sugar sheet that I bought for the cake design was a pain in the ass to work with and I eventually ended up cutting out everything by hand. Did it look completely awesome?! YUP! I also had an issue cooking the pizza fingerprints. Tried to make bisquick pizza dough twice but it just stuck to the wax paper and foil so jay ran out and got me canned dough. Much easier. THen i ended up burning the bottoms of one try and sliced off the burnt part. Not one was left over. The cake was delicious. The party was fun. The story kept everyone engaged until 2:30 then we tossed them all in the pool for about an hour, cake, presents and time to leave. I liked the party idea because it got everyone talking to everyone, which was nice because there was school friends, GS troop friends and one girl from camp so not everyone knew each other. No one figured out who did it.
Then we just relaxed for the rest of the night. Sunday was another crazy day. We saw Storks, which was really funny. Then Jade had Sapphire's party so I was there for 3 hours. Got home around 6:15. Jay was just finishing up dinner.
Yesterday, Cadence's birthday, I took off from 8-10. As soon as they left for school, I took everything out of the room and started painting. By 10, we hadn't finished the first coat. By 11:15, we just finished touching up. After Jay got back with Jade, we started reorganizing the room. Everything was pretty much done and cleaned up by 2:15.
So she opened a package from uncle kevin, ours- the sweatshirt we got her, and then grandma's- the cover for the sack. She went in her room to find the sac itself and said "ahhh what did you do to my room!" I think she loves it. She likes the new alarm clock for sure. We also got her a new trash can, bedding, and the stuffed animal cage (which she thought we bought!)
Then we went to BJ's for dinner and the girls both got free desserts! Tried to exchange the sweatshirt for a bigger size, but they only had it in pink so they had one put aside at the outlet for us. Ended up running there and they told us that they can't take back merchandise bought from the retail store! And to buy the jacket there would have cost more. So they called another store out in San Tan and put one on hold for me there so we have to get there today.
I'm just glad that it's all over. It wasn't as much work as I thought but it was still exhausting. Tonight we have scouts. Supposed to be last night but we moved it. I *think* I have stuffed planned for the meeting. Not exactly sure LOL. It's on my list of things to do today.
This is the 4th thing I'm getting done. I have 5 more to go. Not bad for 7AM.

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