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October 06, 2016 - 9:37 am


so this week has been more crap. Yesterday Rachael was out again for the day so of course I'm expected to do her work. And I got pretty much all of it done for her because I didn't have a website crisis to deal with. Did I get a thank you? of course not. I didn't get one word said to me.
In fact, I probably haven't spoken 100 words all week. Still not speaking to Jay. I just have nothing to say to him. If you are going to have a bad attitude towards me then I'm going to ignore you. Judy's here, sitting on the couch doing nothing, as usual. I went for a run yesterday morning too. Did my 2.2 miles. It might have been what kept me from snapping yesterday. I had a service team meeting last night. I mostly just sat there and listened to everyone else. I honestly feel like I could disappear and no one would care, except for my girls.

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