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September 05, 2016 - 9:18 am

back problems

So I haven't written in 2 weeks.. well 2 1/2
Last week was ridiculous with work. Rachael on vacation and me trying to do everything. Plus a 4 day week because we had off Friday and today for labor day weekend.
Jade's fish, sparkle died on the 23rd. I said "hey has anyone fed these fish?" and well sparkle was floating. I did go for my physical and bloodwork all is normal.

On TUesday the 23th, it was beautiful out in the morning and it was cardio day so I decided to go for a run. I did my 2.25 miles. When I got home, my back was on FIRE. So I laid on the floor stretched and iced for about half an hour and then it felt ok.
The next day was kickboxing and I felt pretty good. Thursday was krock, and I never miss a krock. Well mid-workout, i started feeling sore. By Thursday night I was in pain. My hamstrings felt really tight. Friday I limped around with ice. Saturday I decided to suck it up and go to kickboxing, thinking maybe I needed to work it out. BAD idea- AWFUL idea. After that I was done. By Sunday, I laid in bed pretty much all day long.
Monday chiropractor with Jay. No relief at all! So I decided for Massage/Adjustment on THursday. Hoping to have relief before the long weekend. Dr Taylor grabbed my foot and pulled my leg so hard and my hip went POP.. Felt pretty good after that. Friday morning took the girls to school and went to Lolo's for breakfast and then to the council store for Addy's vest and some badges. The girls had half a day so we picked them up and took them for passports. Then home, lunch and early bed for me.
Saturday I got up at 4am. I was sore. So I sat in my office chair and banged out cadence's birthday invites and started working on decorations. Took the girls to Home Depot for building, then costco to pick up the invites. They turned out ok for $8. Then we went to a labor day festival at Bass Pro. It was so lame and I was pretty disappointed. It looked like a lot more fun. By the time we got home, it was 3 and we got the girls lunch. Then went food shopping, dinner and more of nothing.
Sunday we got up by 6:30 and out the door before 7 to go apple picking. Jade loved it. I think Cadence did too. Date Tree Ranch out in wickenburg. So under 2 hours one way and we stayed for a little over an hour. Got home by 12, then lunch and cleaning. I cleaned until 6. Did 5 rooms, jay did 3. My back was hurting so I had to stop. Went to chipoltle to get the girls their free dinners (we haven't done much cooking lately) but the chicken is pretty spicy and they didn't like it so I ate the rest and jay made them chicken nuggets. I went to lie down but couldn't get comfortable.
Today I was up by 6. Started in my office. My desk was a mess. Got it all organized, attendance sheet printed, kaper chart made, element powder books done for August, bills paid. Figured I'd update this and check it off my list too.
We won free tickets to sunsplash for this weekend so we are planning to go today. THey open at 11. It's now 9:30. I still need to fold laundry, vacuum in here and tackle Cadence's room before we can go. I'm a little annoyed because I have to ask for help and everyone knows I haven't been feeling the greatest these last two weeks. I think one more adjustment will hopefully put me back in the right place.
I also didn't finish my 30 day challenge. :(
And I think I'm going to leave Kosama after this month. I just can't afford it. I'm trying to pay bills off and I got Taxes, Homeowners InS, Car ins and I just paid auto registration. Plus Cadence's birthday, Jay's birthday and christmas all on the way.
Oh Jay bought an RX7. It should be here this week at some point
I had my review and got a crappy 2.5% raise. I really want to start looking for a new job too!

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