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August 19, 2016 - 7:44 am

14 years! OMG

So today is August 19th, the day I met Jay.... 14 years ago. That is so long and so much has happened since then. I've experienced so much joy and so much heartache and everything in between these last 14 years and he's been there with me through all of it, even when he's the one who's caused the heartache.
I couldn't imagine myself with anyone else.
It's kind of sappy, I know, but this day has always been special to me. How was I supposed to know that some strange guy I met that day on the internet come to my house and pick me up was going to turn into my husband. It just amazes me that that day was such a turning point in my life.
I mean what if I decided not to be so daring and we never met? Where would I be? Where would Jay be? His mom always says how much she loves me and how I made such a difference in his live too.

Getting back in the swing of things this week. Jade is finishing up week 1 of Building Blocks. Cadence is on day 8 of 4th grade. Getting back to homework routines and daily reading. There's definitely more homework but that's good! 2nd and 3rd grade were honestly a JOKE as far as work went. Way too easy. It doesn't seem ridiculously hard, but just challenging enough. And spelling, math, writing and reading homework. Not just math.
Jade has her homework too that she has to turn in on Fridays. Today I am taking her to McDonald's for lunch. It's a little tough with morning dropoff- about 20 minutes between when cadence gets dropped off and when Jade starts, so Jay's been taking her to the park for a few minutes. I do like that Cadence gets out at 2:40 and home by 3. It makes the afternoon that much longer and easier to get homework, dinner and cleanup done. Wednesday night we even went for a walk after we got the girls in bed.
I got my haircut last Friday- did the mermaid tail undercut. I love it and this girl Renee did a great job. Got my appt set for my physical (so I can get my eye dr referral) and got gymnastics set for 9/1. Donna got the yearly calendar together for Scouts. I got the flyer to the school and started working on boxtops. Got CPR recertified AND trained on fall product.
Trying to recommit on the gym. Went Wed-Fri so I took a week off. I was REALLY far behind on the 30 day challenge, but now I'm only 6 days behind with 3 days to go. So if I do 3 days for the next 3 days I'll finish on time. I'm just afraid that I'll finish and then fall off the ladder again. I need to have the continual drive but when the scale goes up or stays the same and the inches aren't moving, it's frustrating not to see ANY results at all.

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