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August 05, 2016 - 9:04 am

getting back on track

This week flew by. And only 4 more days until school starts!
I had wanted to take off a day or two this week, but that didn't happen. Cadence had a sleepover on Wednesday night at Lauren's. Swimming all week. Monday Jay didn't go because he had to be there for the pool table movers. I dropped Cadence off at Lauren's and they went to Donna's brother's house for swimming with Pria. Picked her up right before swimming lessons.
Tuesday Jay took them to the library for their free stuff. Wednesday I took them for haircuts.
Yesterday at swimming we hear Jade screaming. A bee flew on her ear and her instinct was to cover her ear so we pulled her hand away and then it got tangled up in her hair. She ended up getting stung, but the stinger wasn't in there and she is not allergic, so that's always a good thing to know!
Busy stepping with the fitbit. Made it to the gym Tue, Wed, Thurs. Didn't get up today, but hoping to go for lunch.
Then if it's quiet, I'm out for the day so I can start cleaning the house. Got Home Depot and the Purple Sage pool party tomorrow.
I also have been getting back into cleaning and organizing.
I'm 3 days behind on the Betty Rocker 30 day challenge, but I've been doing that every day too.

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