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August 12, 2016 - 10:04 am

back to school

First week of school success! Cadence seems to really like it. I like her teacher. We got her violin rented for the year- $200 with everything (book, care kit, shoulder rest). And close to $100 of that goes back as equity towards a purchase of an instrument.
Finished swimming lessons for the year yesterday. First leader's meeting on Wednesday. I didn't get home until almost 10:30 and hadn't eaten dinner. I made it to the gym Monday Tue, Wed. Monday was lunch and I got gas- FINALLY. Tue and Wed I was up early. Thursday not so much. Besides getting in late, Jade was up with a stuffy nose/coughing. Wednesday I also broke the garage door... well not me personally. The spring broke. So my car has been living outside.
The pool party was good. I drove the van home. Jay left early to go game (and get his steps in). Spent most of Saturday cleaning. Sunday we got in the pool. Tuesday I took half a day and we went to Legoland Discovery Center with Christy and Sapphire. It's a fun little place. Not worth $22 a ticket, but we only paid $11 for scout week and the girls got patches. I'm now 9 days behind on betty rocker. I'm seriously slacking. I'm going to try for 2 or 3 today. I don't think I'll make it to the gym. I have a haircut at 3 and then we are going to meet Bryan for dinner. Also the guy is coming to fix the garage door this afternoon.
Finally sold Cadence's old fan. It's nice to not have it in the office- been lying around for like a month now. Cadence jacked half the money though!
Getting organized to get back to girl scouts a little. A lot going on really. Just getting back into the swing of it all. Need to get her back in gymnastics too.
Jade starts school Monday so we are going to drop cadence off- then go in the office and add money for lunch to her account, pick up another driveline sign and sign up for PTO, then take Jade to school for 8:30. Cadence has to be there for 8 so Jay's been leaving around 7:40.
Slow at work and Laura's on vacation so quiet too. But it went by fast. I can't believe it's the weekend already. Tomorrow I have a 3 hour CPR class since I'm expired. Donna also signed up. She seems to want to do more this year since she's not working. I want to do less and have it fall to the girls!

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