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August 01, 2016 - 8:44 am

We've made it to August.

Can't believe it's August and back to school next week. This weekend was kinda boring. Saturday up early at the gym, and then off to a recruitment rally. Ended up taking an hour nap, which was so awesome. Then we went to Bryan's and he was giving away his stuff because he has to get out of the 'tukee house. So Jade got a stuffed moose head and the girls got head lamps. He gave us a brand new toaster and I grabbed a rake. Just random stuff. Then we went to cheesecake factory for 1/2 price cheesecake. Waited an hour for a table and then dinner was 90 minutes. It was after 9 when we got home.
Yesterday was yard clean day. We had gotten a monsoon on Friday which coated the pool in dust, along with the patio. So I was up at 8am hand vacuuming and backwashing and then trimming trees, picking limes, raking poop. I was so sweaty by the time it was over! Had lunch, went swimming, kind of a low-key day. Bryan came over and took the antique couches. They are on permanent loan. In turn, we are taking his pool table.
Last week was quiet at work. Guy was in Australia with Nancy. The girls had swimming lessons. Jade has moved up to turtle and cadence to marlin. The last session starts today. Cadence spent Wednesday with Jolie. Tuesday and Thursday I took half days. Tuesday we went to AZ airtime, which is a trampoline place. Then we went to Makutu's island. Thursday we went to sunsplash!
Thursday jay needed to order something from amazon but wanted it next day so you need to spent $35 so he order me and himself a fitbit! LOL. When the box came, his was empty... somebody jacked it. Crazy! So amazon shipped him a new one and he got it yesterday.
I also got my free book for summer reading from the library. I ordered books for the girls.
The last few weeks I haven't done much around the house. Papers piling up on my desk, stuff laying around and not getting put away. It's making my crazy but I'm just so tired. And I've been staying up late too, which means I don't wake up to go to the gym, which puts me in a bad mood for the day.
I need to just refocus myself on what makes me happy and put me first. Maybe things will reset once school starts too and I won't be needed all day long.

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