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May 24, 2016 - 8:11 am

no more brownies

NO MORE SCHOOL! I think I'm more excited than Cadence LOL. We skipped the spring concert. It was Tuesday. Monday Cadence asked me if I was going and I said no. Then Jay heard her tell her teacher at pickup that she wasn't going. She didn't say anything else. I feel a little bad but it didn't seem like a repeat of the Christmas concert where she was in her dress crying at home because she didn't go. I wish she'd let us know how she was feeling more. That's one thing she needs to work on.
Wed was 1/2 a day pj day. They had pizza and watched cars 2. Thursday they cleaned out their desks and went to gymnastics for a field trip. Friday was yearbook signing, cupcakes and another half day. Then we went to the enrollment office and grabbed free pizza. Talked to the principal about keeping lauren and cadence in separate classes. Right now they have 3- 4th grades! I love those little friday open houses. It's really nice to get to know the principal and registrar.
Saturday I went for a 3 mile run and then off to the bridging ceremony. By the time we got back to the house around 11:15, I was STARVING. I just shoved a piece of quiche in my mouth. The ceremony was nice, but it was so windy. And everyone BOLTED before it was even over. Didn't get any pictures at all! Kinda pissed me off. Lindsay had given me the check for the 4 bridging patches I sold her troop since we didn't need them. Somehow I dropped it on the way back to the car. Looked everywhere for it- in the car, in all my stuff I had with me... nothing. I hate losing things. It's unsettling to me. And frustrates me because I was trying to finish up the financials.
Then off to Main Event at 12:30 for the girls end of year party. They had the pizza and cupcakes first Then when they finished up, played some games and then we were waiting for our time at laser tag. I went in with them just to keep an eye on them and because we paid for 10 girls but only 8 were there (gee thanks for the advance notice Melissa and Sarah). So Jade got a game card for $5 and I played laser tag. I could have gone on the ropes but I didn't want to leave Jade with Donna and Laurie for the entire time. Pria and Jocelyn got up there and turned around and went back down. Julie and Brooke did ok. Valerie was too small and couldn't go. Cadence Addy and Lauren had a ball. It was such a whirlwind blur. I didn't end up leaving there until 3:15 when our party was over at 2. I did finally get the check from Felicia for Brooke. Then we went to walmart and got a birthday present for Jocelyn. Came home, did some swimming and then Jay dropped Cadence off at Lauren's for a sleepover.
Jay put on the avengers movie. I fell asleep and then dragged myself to bed at 11:30. It was a LONG and tiring day.
Sunday morning jade had me up at 6:30! I was not happy. I needed more sleep and that's just the truth. So I chugged some Mountain Dew and played with Jade all morning. We went swimming, had lunch and then went swimming again. She's doing awesome without swimmies on! Then we picked up Cadence around 3, stopped back at Culver's on the way home for my free birthday sundae, and just hung out the rest of the night.
Trying to get myself organized and ready for our trip on Friday. Trying to do some actual work. But neither is really happening!

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