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June 03, 2016 - 7:12 pm

Back from the dirty

So we got back about 12 hours ago from our NJ/NY Trip. It started off on the wrong foot. No one slept on the plane except Jade so when we landed at 6am on Saturday we were pretty tired. No one was up- we were trying to find something to do. So we just grabbed bagels and went to Barbara's house. Then ended up by Dave's house. As soon as we walked in the door, Jade threw up everywhere. I think just the combo of flying, eating, not much sleep, etc... Hung out there for a bit. Ran by Kevin's and met Zach. Then went and met Mike and his girls at a park. Then we went to the body shop and saw tony. Then decided to head down the shore. Got to east orange on the parkway and the tire blew out. Jay had to change it on the side of the road and then we went back to hertz to swap the car. Back on the road again. We got to brick around 3. Saw dee and Marek, and got our toothpaste from uncle John. Ended up going to Friendly's with Judy. The girls liked that place! John and Dana were at their friend's and didn't bother to come to see us.
Saturday we got up- Jay got his "pork roll" egg and cheese and got me a buttered roll. Hung out at Judy's for a while waiting for Mike to get there. I think by the time we got to the beach and parked it was 2pm. $10 per adult to get ON the beach. $10 for a kids hotdog and fries. Went to the aquarium in Point pleasant, played a few games, got some ice cream. Then realized we overstayed on the meter. Went back to the car and jay watched a cop put a ticket on the car. We were about 40 minutes over but missed a ticket by less than 1. Drove back up north and went by Ruben's. Stayed there until almost midnight. the girls were having fun playing. We got white castle.
Monday we got up and went to the statue of liberty and ellis island. Then we went to the teardrop memorial in Bayonne. We missed lunch so got some italian ice in lyndhurst. Then since it was memorial day, we drove up to see dawn for a bbq. But the food was so slow coming out. Cadence had a hot dog. I picked on some stuff and so did Jade. Got to meet Greyson and eyebrows AKA Todd.
Then we drove back to clifton. Jay was starving. We dropped the girls off. We were going to go for pizza, but ended up at Friday's. Got Jack Daniels food and a drink. Then we checked out the froyo place which was absolute insanity with how busy it was. Jay got a walnut sundae from carvel. When we got back cadence was sleeping but Jade was up crying.
Tuesday we got up and our plan was to go to the city. We left at 9:30. Took us an hour to get in and get parked at the museum of natural history. THe bridge toll is $15! Stayed there until 3pm. Spent $8 plus tax on 1 bag of sunchips, 1 apple and 1 yogurt. Judy had given the girls each $20. Jade got a bag of rocks, hatching dinosaur. Cadence got a book and giant pencil. We wanted to go to the empire state building, but parking anywhere was so much money and getting around was impossible. We drove around for about an hour and then left around 4. Went by Jay's friend Greg Mortiz and got to meet his son. The girls were having a blast playing with him. Then we met up with Anthony and Megan for hibachi at Mt Fuji. Davis came with us as well. The girls liked the guy cooking in front of us, although he didn't do a great show.
Ended up back at Lyndhurst for more Italian ice LOL
I think it was about 10 by the time we got the girls in bed.
Wednesday was a laid back day. We played mini golf, stopped by the verona office (what a dump). Only AT, Rachael, and Cristina were there. Then drove to montclair and got some pizza. Then since we had time, we went by Radius and saw Andy, Jeff, Liz, Michelle and Trisha! Hung out for a few minutes and then went for our haircuts. I got a undercut. I wanted the mermaid tail. Jay liked the sun looking one, but I just said eh do whatever. I have this chevron design, kinda looks like an easter egg. Not as cool as the mermaid tail, but it's just hair. Jay got the major league haircut. It's pretty hilarious. Kevin stopped by to see it in person. Then we went back to the house. I had wanted to see Beth, but I knew Jay didn't want to go so he dropped me off at Uno's and he went out with Ruben. The girls stayed at the house and they had hot dogs on the grill (and ice cream!) I got to see Giovanna, who is taller than jade. Then when Beth dropped me off, she stayed for 15 minutes or so and the girls got to play.
And then it was Thursday! So we got everything packed up. Went to the bakery in hackensack for some crumb cake. The girls were playing with a neighbor girl in the yard. Left their house around 12. Met kevin and Laura at Rutts for lunch. Went to the body shop and saw Lisa since she wasn't there on Saturday. Went to Stewart's for my root beer float. Went to Sandra's and got to meet Lucas and see the whole family. We left to head to the airport at 4:30. That was our whole trip.
It was a lot of eating. We did a lot but it wasn't stressful. We saw who we saw and did the best we could. We did touristy things too and hopefully it will be memorable for the girls.
Worked today, but it was quiet so I was able to catch myself up entirely with little stress.

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