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May 17, 2016 - 10:51 am

10 days into 36

So this past week was pretty uneventful and here it is Tuesday again. Already 10 days into 36.
Friday was pretty quiet at work so I got an early start on cleaning. I was hoping to have almost all of it done before Saturday, but of course with no help, I wasn't finished until almost 4pm on Saturday. Cadence went to a birthday party at skateland for one of her classmates. We did get in the pool both Saturday and Sunday. I managed to give Ginger a bath too, but not buster- that's a 2-3 person job. Went food shopping on Sunday and IHOP for breakfast for my free pancakes. Wanted to get up and go for a run but I slept in and by the time I was up, it was already 75 out.
Ankle is still sore. I went to the gym 3x last week + my run. This week I'm 0/2 so far. I started this 15 day challenge. Today is day 5. 15 minute workouts. Challenging but not impossible and short.
Last night was our last meeting as Brownies! This saturday is the bridging ceremony and end of year party.
Last Friday Jade had her program day for Building Blocks! Already signed her up for the advanced class starting in August. Cadence's last day is Friday. It's nice because there is no homework this week!
Oh and last wednesday I went to our leader recognition event at the Brush Bar in scottsdale. I think there were 11 of us and we all painted a picture and I had a crappy mimosa. It was fun and nice to get out around adults.
So I guess it wasn't *that* uneventful last week. I just love that things are coming to a close. Almost done with that school! Drove by the new one last night and saw the progress on the building.
11 days until we leave for vacation. Haven't even thought about packing yet!

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