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May 10, 2016 - 6:44 am


So 36/mother's day. I always get gyped when my birthday is the same day.
Jade woke me up early (no surprise there). Got up, made the bed, didn't want breakfast, sat around for a few hours just doing nothing much (playing that stupid flower game on my phone). Did some picking up around the house. Folded laundry... Decided to go out for a late lunch around 1:30. Figured it wouldn't be so crowded. I picked BJ's Brewery. We still had to wait about 20-30 minutes for a table. Lunch was good. I got Mediterranean chicken tacos. I got my free dessert, but of course I had to share. Then I picked to go to Main Event to play Skee Ball and some video games. We used some tickets to pick out things in the prize store. Got home around 5. No one was hungry so we didn't eat dinner. Jade got into her tattoos and messed the whole thing up so I yelled at her. Asked where Cadence was, she was hiding in the corner and didn't answer me so I yelled at her too. Then Jay starts yelling at me because I shouldn't have yelled at Cadence. So I went outside and and picked up dog poop.
I was pretty annoyed at this point. Came inside, did more picking/cleaning up. Had some cake.
Jay got me a phone case. The girls made me a car out of legos. I went to bed at 9.
Was I given any special treatment? NO
Was I celebrated with either my birthday or Mother's day? NOT REALLY
Was I pretty disappointed? YES

So yesterday, still kind of annoyed, I decided to take a half day in the morning because I still had carryover time to use that should have been used by the end of april.
Got up early, went to the gym. Relaxed, ate a protein bar, did some stuff on the computer. Went out for a run with Jade in the stroller (jay was at the gym), came home, took a shower, went to the chiropractor and then went for a pedicure. Got home at 11, made Jade lunch and then worked until 4:30. I had wanted to get to the library but didn't have time in the morning so I took cadence and we went. Jay took Jade to costco for dog food. We didn't eat dinner until 6:30. NOTHING was picked up. It took the girls over an hour to clean up and I flipped my shit. Cadence carving "HI"and smiley faces into the dollhouse. Jade coloring on everything but paper. I'm so sick of them not listening and being disrespectful.
Jay had gone out so he didn't hear me. I didn't say good night to either of them. I was too angry. I finished picking up and doing the dishes and went to bed at 9 again.
Today I'm starting a list: Things I do for myself and Things I do for others. At the end of the day I'll show these ungrateful little brats just how much I do for them. Maybe it will teach them a lesson.

How do I feel about 36? Doesn't bother me at all. Just another year. I wasn't excited about my birthday at all and I usually am. I keep thinking I'm 37. I guess I just don't care about birthdays anymore. The one nice thing was that, just like every year, Kevin called to wish me a happy birthday. He's the only one that calls.

The previous week was uneventful. I stayed off my ankle all week and skipped the gym. Went to "Muffins with Mom" at cadence's school on Friday. It made me feel very awkward. I hate that school.

Saturday we went to the zoo for about 3 hours. It was kind of cloudy and on the cool side so perfect weather.

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