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January 26, 2016 - 1:11 pm

guess who's back

I don't understand how it's January 26th already!
The last week has been cookie mania. We've been out door to do EVERY DAY with the exception of Friday because cadence slept over Lauren's house. She's sold about 420 boxes already, no help from booths yet. So it's been a busy week.
Yesterday was my first day back at Kosama. For $20.16, I couldn't pass up the chance. I had stopped by Saturday after the Color run with Jade and signed up. So I'm 2/2 and everything hurts. Getting up early still sucks.
The color run was fun. I pushed Jade in the stroller this year.
So to sum up 1/18-2/25 it's been cookies, cookies, cookies, oh and more cookies.
We went to Disney on Ice presents Frozen, which was really cool. The girls enjoyed it and we had decent seats. I skipped the leader meeting last week. It was the 20th, and well it hit me pretty hard this year. I spent a lot of my morning crying. I had to work and I hate not doing something to remember her. It was just a regular day of work and cookies and I think that didn't help. I tried to hide it from the girls- I didn't want to make them upset.
This week will be more cookies. I have a booth Friday and Saturday. Cadence has been busy with her science fair project. Managed to get most of the house cleaned last weekend (3 weeks, not 2). Donna is working on the next two troop meetings (god help me if she makes another frikking dog toy-we've already done that twice). But when cookies come around, there's no time for me to do meetings.
Still trying to figure out what to do for School for cadence next year. There's another charter nearby but it has a D rating. I'm not sending her there. She's 51 on the waiting list for Basis and 15 for their other location in Ahwatukee. It SUCKS having them at two schools. I take Cadence and Jay takes Jade. I mean if they had different start times, maybe it wouldn't be terrible.

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